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Giving Back
Our company was founded on the principle
of helping others. It starts with our
commitment to our community and
continues with our involvement with a
diverse range of philanthropic
organizations both here and abroad.
Giving Back



Since 2008 Newton Running has encouraged athletes to participate in the sport of triathlon while fundraising for causes that hit close to home, such as prostate cancer research (Newton Cofounder and CEO Jerry Lee is survivor since 2005). Since 2013 Newton has partnered with the Ironman Foundation to sponsor a team of 45 ambassador athletes that are helping to further the goals of both organizations by combining our passion for sport with the ultimate goal of creating a lasting impact for the greater good. The team is charged with fundraising and participating in direct service projects that give back to designated non-profits in IM event communities.

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Trickle Up is an organization that provides business education, training and grants for the purpose of encouraging some of the world's poorest people to develop microenterprises. By providing resources for the development of entrepreneurial skills, Trickle Up empowers people living on less than $1 a day to strengthen their communities through gaining financial independence. Newton Running has been a proud sponsor of Trickle Up since 2008, and this year we will donate $1 from the sale of each Terra Momentum to Trickle Up.

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One World Running is a nationwide, volunteer-operated organization that collects gently used donated shoes and distributes them to needy children and adults around the world. Each year, the volunteers at One World Running collect, sort and wash over 16,000 pairs of shoes. Newton Running has donated over 6,000 pairs of new running shoes to One World Running since 2008.

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We are passionate about our shoes and believe in the power of getting people running. Newton has granted thousands of new running shoes to a variety of organizations, many of which are selected by our staff, US retail and international partners. As a result we’ve provided shoes for youth running programs around the world, orphanages in Africa and Central America, programs supporting the recovery of our wounded veterans, athletes that are recovering from addiction and programs assisting our homeless neighbors. We are proud of our staff and athlete ambassadors who often volunteer their free time to deliver shoes and teach the basics of natural running form to kids around the US.




Did You Know...?

Newton Running has developed a new rectangular shoebox that is produced from 100% post-consumer waste and uses soy-based inks and aqueous (water-based) coating. The new packaging is easy to store and ship, it's lightweight, and it's easy to break down and recycle. By producing the shoeboxes at our footwear factory, we have minimized the carbon footprint needed to ship our shoes.