I am Newton: Tory Oakland

I was asked to create an “All About Me” post to share on our blog – first thing I thought of was my past life working as a 4th and 5th Grade Classroom teacher… “Okay kids, I want you to create a diorama by next Friday that we can have up for Open House – it should be called All About Me!”  No diorama from me, so if that’s what you’re looking for, boo Tory.

If you’ve ever sent an email, or called in to Newton Running any time over the past four-and-three-quarter years, you and I have probably communicated.  I came to work for Newton as the Director of Customer Service in June of 2008, and was hired in as employee number ten.  We’ve now grown by nearly six times that, and I continue to hold down the fort here when you Tory Oaklandneed my help.

I grew up in Northern California, went to University in San Diego, and made the beaches of North County my home for a number of years before returning back upstate to teach elementary school.  From there, I made a transition to Texas, and during a four year layover in the Dallas area, learned about this startup company called Newton Running.  Chris Legh, a professional triathlete and close friend of mine was one of Newton’s first sponsored athletes, and he sung the praises of these odd shoes.  Being highly competitive in the multisport world myself, I thought I’d see what they were all about.  Fast forward about a six months, and I’d purchased a house, and was moving out to Boulder, CO to come to work for the company.

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me outside.  I’m an athlete by nature, and a competitor by genes, so spending time with an elevated heart rate is at the top of my Happy List.  We added another member to the family about a year ago, so my new running partner is now my daughter Devyn – she’s a champion just like I’d expect her to be, and the one responsible for much of my sanity.  My focus now is to strive to serve as a role model for her as she becomes the next Newton Runner.

Look for me back on the start lines this race season – post Devyn, I only got in one half IM in 2012, so with goals in place, and training well underway, we’re looking forward to the season ahead.  Cheers!