Meet the Dogs of Newton – Week 2 Lila














Likes: Licking doors, licking tables, licking the floor, licking people, licking other dogs, licking the bed, and licking myself

Dislikes: Being tied up under my owner’s desk. I protest by making extremely loud wookie noises. Arrrrrouuughhhhhhh!

Favorite hangouts: A giant hole that I’ve dug under the deck. I’m working on setting up my very own apartment down there. My owner recently found a beer bottle near the entrance…I don’t know if she was concerned or proud. Either way, I think my giant hole is  messing with the integrity of the foundation of the house. I’m trying to take everyone down so I can run this place.

Plays with: Garbage, dirty shoes, anything disgusting that I can carry in my mouth and pile into my owner’s bed.

Summary: I’m a scrappy-mutt-pit-bull-pound-puppy. I love to run, chase tennis balls, and be in everyone’s business. I’m great at looking cute and scamming food from co-workers and prefer to sleep directly on top of you. When my owner tried to adopt me, the pound told her that she should ‘Really think about this decision.’ They thought I was too out of control for her to handle. And you know what? They were right.