Meet The Dogs of Newton – Week 3 Isaac

Hello Isaac




Hi! I’m Isaac. I’m 2 1/2 years old. I weigh about 160 lbs. and I’m all about fun.

Likes:  Helping with any kind of physical work….I love to help take out the garbage and move the patio furniture around.

I also love to go for walks with my Dad in downtown Boulder and meet new people there. Some folks live in the park and they’re always happy to see me. They tell me about dogs they grew up with and it brings a smile to their face. That feels good.

I like being the boss of everything, and I can use my charm to be very persuasive… when I want to sit on Mom or Dad’s lap. They think I’m too big to be a lap dog, but if I look at them with my big brown eyes and tilt my head just right, they’ll sit on the floor and then I can sit on their laps and have my ears scratched.

Dislikes: Having my ears cleaned. I also don’t like when my parents ask me to “guard the house” and then they leave me there while they go out and have fun. They think a couple of treats will keep me happy while they’re gone, but sometimes I let them know I don’t like being home alone by tearing up the newspaper or a box of Kleenex.

Favorite Hangouts: Newton Headquarters! The best is when my Dad asks me if I want to go to Newton with him in the morning.  I do a happy dance to show him how excited I am.

Plays with: My toys, especially my favorite squeeky purple pig, ice cubes, feet (I like to lick them).

Summary: I’m a pretty easy going kind of guy, and just want to be near my family all the time. It’s fun to meet new people who tell me I’m cool, but sometimes when I shake my head and drool flies everywhere they say “eww”. Most people just like to pet me because my fur is so soft, and I’m happy to let them do that.