Newton Running Represented at Rio de Janeiro Half Marathon

Newton in RioOver the weekend, our Newton Running Vice President of Administration, Anne Klein, on the left, and Susan, on the right, represent Newton Running in Rio de Janeiro at the Rio de Janeiro International Half Marathon.  Way to go, girls!

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  • Meredith Beers

    Hi Anne! Congratulations!!! How was it? I can only imagine it was amazing! I was in Rio a few years ago & absolutely loved it! I remember going for a nice run along copacabana beach. Great to see you out running, hope life is treating you well. Things are going really well foe me (after a pretty bumpy patch). I have setlled into a new position at Lifetime Fitness, I head up their Enduranc Coaching Dept. It feels great to be coaching again. I send all my clients to High N Tri to get fit in Newtons :) will you be at IM Madison? If so, will stop and see you! How's your dog? How's Rich? Please say hi to him for me. Again, congrats on your race. Best, Meredith

  • Lorie Tucker

    How did you do? I'm sure even better with your Newtons!


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