Newton Staff Spotlight: Erin Gehlsen

IMG_1273If you’ve ever called Newton Running’s customer service, there’s a good chance that you’ve talked to Erin Gehlsen. The next time you speak to her, offer your congratulations—at last weekend’s Colorado Marathon, running in the pink Universal Performance Racer, Erin posted a 3:39.27 marathon, a PR by over 45 minutes. This finish earned her a spot in the 2011 Boston Marathon (wearing the 2009 Motion All Weather)

Erin started running in high school, thanks in large part to her father Jeff. One day during a period that she calls her “out of shape” stage, her dad dragged her off the couch to go for a run. Though she felt winded and tired, the experience gave her the running bug. Her first marathon was three years ago in Chicago, where she ran with a group of friends to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Iowa.

In 2009 Erin joined Newton Running as an intern right after graduating from Iowa University. She quickly earned herself a full time job with her perennially upbeat nature, drive, and hard work. Today Erin manages the Newton Running wear test program and is a key member of the customer service and expo staff.

When asked to talk about what it is like to work for Newton, she flashes her signature smile. “It’s an amazing place and it’s like a family. Everyone works really hard, but everyone is so supportive.” She enjoys the fact that she is able to spend a lot of time with customers on an individual and personal level. “So often I’ll speak to people who call to tell me they just had a PR in the shoes or got rid of an injury. One of the best experiences is when I’m at an expo and someone I’ve helped on the phone introduces themselves and gives me a big hug!”

Outside of work, Erin likes to hike and snowboard, and she is an active member of the youth group at her church. So what’s next for Erin? Running the Chicago Marathon with her sister and father, and she will of course run Boston next spring. And then? “I don’t know…maybe a 50K?”