Behind the Scenes

  • Meet The Dogs Of Newton - Week 8 Lucy

    LucyLikes: I LOVE running around in the backyard, chewing on all of the grass, sticks, leaves and flowers that I can find.  My favorite game is fetch with my dad, and I trick him by coming back with my toy or ball, then run away and hide in places where only I can fit because I’m so small.  I also like playing in my pool, especially when the sun is out, and it cools me off.  Since I can’t swim, mom and dad bought me a kiddie pool for the backyard so I can enjoy the water without needing a life jacket.   (But I wish I could go to the lake with the big dogs).  I also enjoy a long nap on the couch at any time, especially on Sundays with my dad after his really long run.

    Dislikes:  Cats.  I don’t understand them---they hide, they hiss, and they don’t like to play fetch.  I also don’t like the yellow monster which hides in the closet and comes out to clean the floors.  It’s so noisy, and it is so funny looking!  There is squirrel that comes by while I’m in the backyard, and he just stares at me.  I’m not so sure about him yet.

    Favorite places:  Newton, the backyard, doggie day camp and any place where there are people and dogs.

    Summary:  I am a 9-month old Frenchie, and I am the runt of the litter, so I’m much smaller than most Frenchies.  I love to be outside walking, running and sitting outside in the sun.  I love to make new friends with people and dogs, and I will always try several attempts to be your friend—just ask Stella.  She didn’t like me at first, but I know she’ll warm-up to me.  I like to be around everyone and watch what’s going on.  Mom calls me the ‘supervisor’ because I’m so curious as to what everyone does.  I really want to become a faster runner and be able to go a little farther than a mile so I can go for a bit with my mom and dad.  My current mile PR is 10:10 with a potty stop.  I’m starting to do more sprints in the yard to help make me faster, which are fun, but they wear me out!

  • Meet The Dogs Of Newton - Week 7 Indy

    Dogs of Newton IndyLikes: Getting belly rubs, chewing on shoes (have only destroyed a few Newtons), going for car rides and sticking my head out the window!

    Dislikes: Don’t let my size and big paws fool you- anything unfamiliar scares me: strangers, loud noises, new places! But once I get to know you we’ll become best buds! I also dislike running; my owners try and take me but I protest by stopping to lay down!

    Favorite hangouts: My backyard and anywhere my owners are!

    Plays with: Any dog I can get to play with me! Especially my litter-mate sister Mabel- we found each other again at a doggie camp when we were a few months old and have been inseparable ever since!

    Summary: I’m a 1 ½ year old Lab/Shar-Pei mix (this is my owner’s best guess). I was a scared little puppy when my owners adopted me but I’ve grown up to become a handsome confident man. I still have some fears to get over but hopefully I’m done growing at about 75lbs. I’m a pretty laid back guy and love coming into the Newton headquarters where I get lots of lovin’!

  • Meet The Dogs Of Newton - Week 6 Saddie

    saddieLikes: ice, pumpkin, peanut butter, squirrels, digging holes, chewing through the wires to the sprinkler system

    Dislikes: soda cans, exercise balls, getting my nails trimmed, thunder, snakes

    Favorite Hangouts: the couch, anywhere in the sun

    Plays With: soccer ball, frisbee, sprinklers

    Summary: I'm a one year old German Shepherd mix and I love people! My owners adopted me from the local humane society and I couldn't have been more excited. My favorite thing to do is pretend I have an itch right at the very moment my owners tell me to do something I don't feel like doing. They have recently caught onto my trick, so now I sometimes pretend I don't hear them until they offer peanut butter. I'll do anything for peanut butter!

  • Meet The Dogs Of Newton - Week 5 Pilot

    Dogs of Newton PilotMy name? Pilot. No Biblical reference, so put Pontius out of your head because I love all humans. Think Pilot project. Pilot a ship. Pilot light. Pilot experiment. Pilot chute. Pilot a plane (or maybe a parachute?). Think Jayne Eyre and Mr. Rochester's loyal companion Pilot.

    My breed? Portuguese Water Dog. I came before Bo Obama but I’m still proud of one of my own getting into the White House. Although I bet he has  never rolled in a dead animal (unless the NSA buried a two-legged creature somewhere in the White House lawn which today seems a strong possibility but risky during the Easter Egg Roll), so I’m pretty sure Bo always smells like lavender dog wash and not my personal faves, deadrabbitsnakewormsfishprariedog.

    My favorite activities? Running the Mesa Trail or Marshall Mesa with my mom, swimming, making snow angels, chasing rabbits, turning into an insane devil around skateboard and snowmobiles, rolling in horse poop with my sister Hazel, working as a therapy dog with my dogsitter, and looking for tummy pats in the Newton Running offices. Oh, and I’ve got the Newton CEO wrapped around my paw. I look at him and wag my tail and I’m sure to get a treat.

    My “meh” list? All the other dogs in the office.

  • Journey Of A Shoe!

    Ever wondered what happens throughout the creation of a Newton Running shoe? We thought we'd give you an inside look at how are shoes are manufactured!

    Raw Material

    1.  Most of the materials used to stitch the upper are received in rolls and can be seen here prior to cutting and stitching
    2. The materials warehouse needs to be very organized
    3. The stock on hand is generally a mix of textiles and synthetics.  Each roll is marked with material name, supplier and country of origin
    4. Materials are checked for quality, total square footage and correct color match upon receiving Raw Materials 1

    Raw Materials 2


    Setting  (AKA Pressing and Stock Fitting)

    1. Seen in these shots are sole units prior to assembly
    2. A sole unit is the midsole, outsole and any inserts pieces that have been stock fitted together
    3. Newton shoes have a biomechanical top plate and cavity chamber that integrate with the patented action-reaction performance technology Settings 1Setting 2


    1. Seen here are the finished shoes just prior to packaging in the inner-box
    2. All shoes undergo a final QC check by a trained controllers prior to exportAssembly 3

    There you have it, Newton Running shoes!

  • Meet The Dogs Of Newton - Week 4 Pepper

    Prefers to be called: Dr. Pepper

    Would rather not be called: Pepperoni

    Breed: Hard to say

    Favorites: Chips, chips and cheese, chips and dip, chips and salsa, chips and queso, chasing rabbits.

    Dislikes: Having my hair combed. I just want to rock the dreads like everyone else in Boulder.

    Favorite pastime: Visiting every single person in the Newton office, and telling them that I am sooooo hungry, and need a cookie. I learned this trick from my owner.

    Plays with: A stuffed tiger named Tigger 2. The original Tigger is buried somewhere in the backyard….I don’t want to talk about it.

    Favorite hangout: I prefer to have an entire couch to myself. If there is a person on each couch in the living room, someone is getting the stink eye until they move. I also like hanging out in the backyard, eating mulch.

    In summary: I am a pretty happy little dog, except when Kara puts me in her desk drawer. I really enjoy running, hiking, and playing catch. It has been a major project, but I have finally trained my owner to retrieve the tennis balls that I hide for her in the yard. I think she likes that game. I also like road trips, and I can’t wait until I am old enough to drive.

  • Meet The Dogs of Newton - Week 3 Isaac

    Hello Isaac




    Hi! I'm Isaac. I'm 2 1/2 years old. I weigh about 160 lbs. and I'm all about fun.

    Likes:  Helping with any kind of physical work....I love to help take out the garbage and move the patio furniture around.

    I also love to go for walks with my Dad in downtown Boulder and meet new people there. Some folks live in the park and they’re always happy to see me. They tell me about dogs they grew up with and it brings a smile to their face. That feels good.

    I like being the boss of everything, and I can use my charm to be very when I want to sit on Mom or Dad's lap. They think I'm too big to be a lap dog, but if I look at them with my big brown eyes and tilt my head just right, they'll sit on the floor and then I can sit on their laps and have my ears scratched.

    Dislikes: Having my ears cleaned. I also don't like when my parents ask me to "guard the house" and then they leave me there while they go out and have fun. They think a couple of treats will keep me happy while they're gone, but sometimes I let them know I don't like being home alone by tearing up the newspaper or a box of Kleenex.

    Favorite Hangouts: Newton Headquarters! The best is when my Dad asks me if I want to go to Newton with him in the morning.  I do a happy dance to show him how excited I am.

    Plays with: My toys, especially my favorite squeeky purple pig, ice cubes, feet (I like to lick them).

    Summary: I'm a pretty easy going kind of guy, and just want to be near my family all the time. It's fun to meet new people who tell me I'm cool, but sometimes when I shake my head and drool flies everywhere they say "eww". Most people just like to pet me because my fur is so soft, and I'm happy to let them do that.

  • Meet the Dogs of Newton - Week 2 Lila














    Likes: Licking doors, licking tables, licking the floor, licking people, licking other dogs, licking the bed, and licking myself

    Dislikes: Being tied up under my owner’s desk. I protest by making extremely loud wookie noises. Arrrrrouuughhhhhhh!

    Favorite hangouts: A giant hole that I’ve dug under the deck. I’m working on setting up my very own apartment down there. My owner recently found a beer bottle near the entrance…I don’t know if she was concerned or proud. Either way, I think my giant hole is  messing with the integrity of the foundation of the house. I’m trying to take everyone down so I can run this place.

    Plays with: Garbage, dirty shoes, anything disgusting that I can carry in my mouth and pile into my owner’s bed.

    Summary: I’m a scrappy-mutt-pit-bull-pound-puppy. I love to run, chase tennis balls, and be in everyone’s business. I’m great at looking cute and scamming food from co-workers and prefer to sleep directly on top of you. When my owner tried to adopt me, the pound told her that she should ‘Really think about this decision.’ They thought I was too out of control for her to handle. And you know what? They were right.

  • Meet the Dogs of Newton - Week 1 Stella















    Likes: Running, chewing on Newtons, shoes in general, snuggling, drinking beer and filet mignon

    Dislikes: Strangers, doors, Lucy

    Favorite hangouts: Yappy Hour and The Kitchen

    Plays with: Lila and Santiago (her Latin lover)

    Stella first came to work at Newton Running when her loving parents adopted her from a local humane society. For the first few months she was afraid of everyone, her comfort zone became her office and she never wanted to leave at the end of the day. Stella, like most gals, has an obsession for shoes – often times she’ll gather all the shoes in the office and lay on her throne with them. Today, Stella is a happy, go-lucky, hardworking pup who loves her job more than anything in the world.

  • #RunforBoston

    The tragic events at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon would have been tragic anywhere. This, however, hit too close to home. But runners are tough, runners are resilient and when runners hit a wall they break through to the other side and conquer. It may take some time for physical and emotional wounds to heal but we will run. We will not stop. #RunForBoston

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