• Weekend Race Recap - IM China and Catalina Marathon

    Last year at Ironman China, Hungarian triathlete and Newton pro team member, Jozsef Major, struggled through the race on a borrowed bike after his was lost in transit. This past weekend at the race in Haikou, China, Major was bent on redemption. Australian Luke McKenzie won the race and set a new course record, but Major combined the fastest bike split of the day with the second fastest run, to finish second overall. Congrats Jozsef! What a great start to the season!  Read a full recap here.

    Also this weekend, Newton's very own Heather Fuhr (Ironman World Champion and a five-time Ironman USA winner), demonstrated her running prowess at the 33rd annual Catalina Marathon. Heather completed the 26-miles trail race in three hours and seven minutes, breaking the previous record of 3:15:20 set by Danelle Ballangee in 1997. Impressively, Fuhr placed third overall in this beautiful but tough trail marathon. Nice job Heather! More here.

    Tell us about your weekend of racing in the comments section below and we'll send our favorite entry a free Newton hat and socks!

  • Giving Away an Ironman/Ironman 70.3 Entry


    We're giving away another Ford Ironman/Ironman 70.3 entry (valued at $200-$525). Click here to find out more.

  • Terry Clemens Wins Free Shoe Drawing

    TerryBig congrats go out to Terry Clemens who won our second weekly free shoe drawing! He's a 12-year-veteran of the New Jersey State Police who is running the Boston Marathon for the second consecutive time this Newtons! The final drawing is on Friday! Enter here if you haven't already.

  • 2009 Holiday Running Gift Giveaway Winner


    Congrats to Rosanne Morrison of Rockford, IL who won our free shoe drawing last week!

    Rosanne says:
    "Thank you and your company for this great giveaway. I have needed a high level pair of running shoes for a while-mine are 3 years old!. With the help of your website I was able to pick the perfect shoe for my particular problem. Thank you so much." - Rosanne Morrison

    We're drawing another name for free shoes this Friday and another next Friday. Grand prize is a free trip to Boulder! See rules for the contest here.

  • ING NYC Marathon Expo & Natural Running Clinic


    The New York City Marathon is less than five days away and Newton Running's venerable expo team is 'wheels up' on their way to the Big Apple. If you're racing in New York, or live near the city, we'd love to see you. Here are a few places to catch up with the Newton crew.

    Marathon Expo - Jacob Javits Convention Center, 11th Avenue at 35th Street, Manhattan.
    Thurs. & Fri. 10 am.-8 p.m.
    Sat. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
    All entrants in the marathon have to pick up their race packets here, but the expo is open to the public! Come by the Newton booth to meet Newton's founders Jerry Lee and Danny Abshire, Newton pro Josh Cox, demo a pair of new shoes or buy some Newton merchandise. We're selling all our shoes at the booth and to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when you buy a pair of Pink Distance Racers for $155, you'll get a free pink hat and tech t-shirt and we'll donate $50 from the purchase to support breast cancer research.

    There's a whole list of cool stuff going on at the expo, everything from an appearance by actor Anthony Edwards, to a contest to win $10K in gasoline (ed note: that's a weird prize to offer a bunch of runners). See the full list of expo activities here.

    Friday morning Natural Running Form Clinic/Fun Run with Danny Abshire and IronBrandon
    On Friday morning, the Newton crew is getting up bright and early for a run in the park. With the help of IronBrandon (a.k.a. Brandon Wood) we're organizing a FREE Natural Running clinic and fun run lead by running form guru Danny Abshire. Danny will present the basics of natural running, lead the group through a few drills and then Brandon is going to lead us on a run through the park. It should be a lot of fun and we're hoping to make a big statement with a large turnout. As an added incentive, we'll give everyone who shows up a free Newton race hat or visor. Please come out and join us. We're meeting at the Boathouse in Central Park on Friday, Oct. 30 at 7 a.m.

    Saturday International Fun Run
    If you're looking for a final tune-up for Sunday, or you want to join a bunch of international runners for a spin through the Park, then consider this Saturday morning 4k run. Some of the Newton crew will be out representing.

    Sunday - Race Day!
    Race Day. The Newton team will be out cheering! The pro women start at 9:10 a.m.. If you're not in the city, you can watch from home on TV or the web. Listings here.

    Hope to see you in the Big Apple and good luck to everyone racing!

  • Submit a Photo or Video to enter to Win a Free Ironman Triathlon Entry

    Attention Newton Fans- we’re giving away another FREE Ironman Entry through a Twitter and Facebook photo/video contest!

    Here’s the deal: we want to see how creative you guys can get.  To win a free Ironman Entry, you need to post a picture or video (30 second limit) either on Twitter, making sure to mention @sirisaac, or post the photo on our Facebook Fan page.

    The photo or video should illustrate the 3rd law of motion, with the Newton shoes somehow incorporated into it. (Newton's third law of motion states that whenever one object exerts a force on a second object, the second object exerts an equal and opposite force on the first. Hint: Action/Reaction Technology.)

    Think outside the box—Sir Isaac will pick the most creative photo or video as the Ironman Entry winner!

    Here are the Rules:

    1) You can post the photo either on Twitter with a @sirisaac mention or post the photo on our Newton Running Facebook Fan page.  Submissions through any other outlet will not be accepted.

    2) Entries must be submitted by the original photographer. Do not submit a photo or video taken by someone other than yourself. You must be the sole owner of the copyright of any image or video submitted. Your submission of the photo/video is your guarantee that you are the author and copyright holder of the photo/video.

    3) If you choose to submit a video, it must be no longer than 30 seconds long.

    4) The photo or video must illustrate the 3rd law of motion, with the Newton shoes somehow incorporated into it

    5) Obscene, provocative or otherwise questionable content will not be considered.

    6) Submissions will be accepted until July 23, 2009 and a winner will be selected the following week.

    7) By participating in this contest, you are also agreeing that:

    • I hereby irrevocably grant to Newton Running Company, Inc., its subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, and assigns, (“Newton”), the right to use my name and likeness (collectively “Name and Likeness”), in all forms and media, and in all manners, without limitation as to frequency or duration, for any lawful purposes.
    • Newton shall have the unrestricted absolute right to
      -Reproduce, copy, modify, and create derivatives in whole or in part,
      -or otherwise use my Name and Likeness or any part thereof, including any   photos provided to Newton, in any media now known or hereafter to become     known, (the “Works”);
      -Use and permit to be used my Name and Likeness, whether in original or modified form, in connection with the Works as Newton may choose; and
      -Display, perform, exhibit, distribute, transmit or broadcast the Works by any means now known or hereafter to become known.
    • I hereby waive all rights and release Newton from any claim or cause of action, whether now known or unknown, for defamation, invasion of right to privacy, publicity or personality or any similar matter, or based upon or relating to the use and exploitation of my Name and Likeness.

    8 ) Once again, by submitting a photo/video into the contest, you are stating that you agree to all of the terms and conditions listed above that apply to this contest.

    Good luck and happy tweeting and facebooking!

    -Sir Isaac

  • Alex Johnson Wins Ironman Entry

    2007blackwatertraverse3Here's a note from our first Ironman entry winner Alex. We've got another entry to give away this summer-stay tuned for the next contest!

    "Many thanks to Newton for the IM slot!  In 2008, I was injured all year and didn’t get to race at all.  This year I have been slowly working my way back into shape and was planning to be racing sprints only, but obviously my plans have changed somewhat due to IM Florida on the horizon!

    I didn’t really get started with any type of fitness activity until I was almost 30 years old (circa 1994).  I was living in Salt Lake City, and tired of my sedentary lifestyle, started running for fitness.  I started competing in local races and enjoyed the gradual improvement I was seeing with my running.  A coworker talked me into trying multi sport and my first  triathlon was in the fall of 1998, a short local sprint race done on a mountain bike.  I was intrigued enough to try a couple more the following Spring and once I bought a used road bike and finished a couple of International distance races that summer, I was hooked.

    I moved to Upstate New York in 2005 and have managed to keep up the training despite the vastly different training conditions from Salt Lake City.  In 2006 I had the race of my life in Montreal at the Esprit Triathlon, finishing second overall at just under 10 hours.

    My  favorite race distance is probably the 1/2 IM but I have done no long distance races since 2006.  It will be interesting jumping back to the iron distance this year, somewhat unexpectedly.  I chose IM Florida since it was the easiest logistically for me to attend and also gave me the most time to prepare."

    Good Luck Alex!

  • We're giving away a free entry to an Ironman race ($525 value)


    Newton Running is giving away a free entry to a 2009 Ironman race.  No purchase is necessary, just click here and fill out the form.

    Quick Details:

    • Free entry to one of the following :
      -Ford Ironman Louisville
      -Ford Ironman Wisconsin
      -Ford Ironman Florida
      -Ford Ironman Arizona
    • Winner is responsible for travel and other related expenses
    • Valued at $525
    • Entry limited to 1 per person
    • US residents only
    • Winner will be drawn on May 10

    Good Luck!

  • Heading to the Great Lakes Multi-Sport Expo

    expo_headupprIf you live in the Midwest and you're looking for a way to escape the brutally cold temperatures, consider checking out the Great Lakes Running and Multi-Sport Expo.  Newton sales guru Tom Curran will be there with our retail partner, Runner's High 'N Tri, which by the way, was proudly the first store in the country to carry the Newton line. It sounds like a great weekend with five keynote speakers including Frank Shorter, lots of giveaways, 150 exhibitors, tech demos, a 5k race and a team bicycle time trial.

    The first 30 people that buy a pair of Newton shoes at the event will get a free hat or visor. Stop by and say hello!

    The event takes place at the Wisconsin State Fair Exposition Center from 9am-8pm on Saturday and 9am-3pm on Sunday.

    As they say on the Expo website, "What are YOU doing in the middle of winter?"

  • "In Love with a Shoe" - Win FREE Shoes Contest

    An email from Newton customer Cassy D. showed up in Sir Isaac's inbox just before the Labor Day weekend. In the email Cassy included the lyrics to a song she wrote about her Newtons. This is definitely the most fun, creative testimonial we've received yet...and Sir Isaac wants to celebrate with a little contest. Read the lyrics below and then I'll tell you about the chance to win FREE Newtons.

    Ode to my Newton Training Shoes
    (To the tune of Gavin De Graw's song “In Love With A Girl")

    If you don't know the tune, here's the video.

    So many shoes gonna look like they want you,
    Try to get you thinking they’re really fast.
    But there's nothing like the fit of the one that has put in the time
    And you know its gonna be there.

    Back your forefoot when no other shoe does it,
    Don't let nobody slow you down, when your fast.
    There’s no pain in protecting your pace,
    From the 5 to the Tri to the runners high.

    I'm in love with a shoe who knows me better,
    Fell for the color just when I met her.
    Took my sweet time when I was at the store,
    Newton understands...

    And you know how to treat my toes right,
    Not too loose and not too tight.
    Helps me to soar when I’m in flight.
    Newton understands me.

    I'm in love with a shoe (I'm in love with).
    I'm in love with a shoe (I'm in love with).

    Out the many aching arches and squashed toes,
    Through the valley of the love of the mesh,
    Is a support that is there for the soles,
    Falling down on the road without leaving any down lows.

    But you're high from the ride of a lifetime.
    The moment was over too fast,
    Then its home to plan the next run,
    The shoes will have a long life.

    I'm in love with a shoe who knows me better,
    Fell for the color just when I met her.
    Took my sweet time when I was at the store,
    Newton understands...

    And you know how to treat my toes right,
    Not too loose and not too tight.
    Helps me to soar when I’m in flight.
    Newton understands me.

    I'm in love with a shoe (I'm in love with).
    I'm in love with a shoe (I'm in love with).

    So, I want to hear Cassy's song sung! I'll award a free pair of the Newton shoes to the person who posts the best video of Cassy's "Ode To My Newtons."

    It's simple enough - shoot a video of you or your friend singing the song, post it to YouTube and then share the link in the comments section below. The more creative, the better! The contest will run for the next two weeks and then I'll announce the winner here.

    Let's hear it!

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