• John Mayer Rocks Newtons - UPDATE!

    John Mayer wearing Newton MotionsIntrepid John Mayer stalker fan, Heather, from Sugar Land, Texas, found several photos of rock star John Mayer kickin' it in his Newtons. Here he is wearing the Newton Motion shoe, coming out of the gym in West Hollywood.

    John also mentions Newtons on his personal blog. Click on the link that says "Smart."

    More John Mayer Newton photos here.

    And get your John Mayer obsession fix here.

    Thanks for sending us these links Heather! Your Newton hat, visor and socks are in the mail!

  • Singer John Mayer Rocks in Newtons

    Sizzling hot musician John Mayer stopped into one of the Boston City Sports stores last week and bought himself a pair of Newtons. Apparently John's a runner and loved the neon styling of the shoes.

    It's only a matter of time before the paparazzi snaps a photo of him wearing Newtons.

    We have a free Newton hat and shirt for the first person who sends me a link to a photo of Mr. Mayer wearing his Newtons. Hopefully he's just not wearing this outfit with them.

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