Race Reports

  • Huffman Wins Texas Motor Speedway Du

    WH runNewton athlete William Huffman had a great start to the triathlon season last week, winning the Texas Motor Speedway Duathlon in Fort Worth Texas on February 20.  His time was 1:01:14.

    "It was a very windy day," says Huffman. "There were 14-mile-per-hour winds with gusts up to 32 mph, making for a challenging bike ride. But it feels good to start the season with a win."

    Huffman's next race is the Clermont ITU Sprint Triathlon Pan American Cup in Clermont, Florida on March 5, 2011, where he will be competing in the elite division.

  • Weekend Race Report: rev3, Sedona Marathon


    The Newton Triathlon Team Costa Rica swept the standings at the Revolution 3 Half Ironman Triathlon in Costa Rica over the weekend. Placing second through fifth was Pablo Montoya, Dominique Cocusse, Galiano Luconi  and Milton Esquivel.

    In the Olympic Distance event, French pro triathlete  Romain Guillaume placed sixth in the Pro division. View full results here.


    Also last weekend, Laura Kelly won her age group (eighth overall) at Arizona's Sedona Marathon. "I signed up at the last minute despite having having tired legs from doing a mountain bike race and trail race the previous weekend," says Kelly. "I was nervous about all the pavement and 1000 feet of ascent but ended up having a great run. I love my Newtons!"

  • Cieslewicz Scores Second at Uwharrie Mountain Run

    Newton athlete Rachel Cieslewicz placed second at last weekend's Uwharrie Mountain Run in Ophir, North Carolina, and wrote this report:

    When I made the commitment to race the 20-mile Uwharrie Mountain Trail Run this year, I had no idea that I would be moving both my home and business the week before. I think on a every level I like to squeeze maximum craziness into every aspect of my life. At least I am never bored!

    Needless to say, I left for the 2011 La Sportiva Mountain Cup opener feeling a bit unprepared. I had missed more runs than I took due to moving issues and then putting my SI joint out again.  I suppose it shows the power of a strong mind, faith that I was supposed to go, and again my amazing chiropractor and acupuncturist, Greg Freebairn, putting my hips back together yet again.

    Luckily I am queen at jumping into things head first with a blind fold and figuring out the details later. In many cases, I have paid, but in exponentially more, I am rewarded with adventure, a true sense of living and feeling, and huge help from many. On Thursday AM before I left I hadn’t even packed yet. I chose my bag and proceeded to put everything I could winter clothing wise into it. I had no idea what the weather was going to do and I didn’t want to freeze. It is amazing what I can fit into a light weight black diamond daypack including two pair of my Newton Running shoes. I think I could get the best packer award for sure.  Into my bag I placed a 5oz container of First Endurance liquid shot which is one of the only calories sources my poor sensitive belly can handle.

    Continue reading this article on Rachel's blog at NewAgeAthlete.com.

  • Amanda McIntosh Races three 50Ks in 8 Days

    Big Bend Finish Pic



    Earlier this month, Texas-based running coach, Amanda McIntosh, drove 2500 miles to run three 50-kilometer races in one week. The two-time Leadville Trail 100-mile winner (1999 and 2000) has run in Newton shoes exclusively since July 2009.

    "I had done the Bandera 50K/Big Bend Ultra Run 50K back-to-back before (they are eight days apart)," says McIntosh. "This year, my good friend, Cesar Torres, invited me to his Q50 race in Mandeville, Louisiana (the day after Bandera). I thought why not and inivted five of my most-fun running friends to me. We rented a van and the rest is history."

    The group drove to Bandera, Texas, for the first race on Saturday, January 8, where McIntosh finished third female (first Master), wearing the Newton Terra Momentus trail shoes on the very rocky, technical course. Twenty minutes after finishing, they hit the road bound for Louisiana with a quick stop on the way for an ice bath and shower.

    They arrived in Mandeville, Louisiana, at 1:30 a.m., took a nap, and got up to run the Q50 50K, on Sunday, January 9, where she placed second (first Master), wearing the Neutral Trainer as the course that was one-third on road.

    On Monday, the group of six returned home to Texas, then headed to Big Bend National Park, Texas, the next Saturday. At 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, January 16, McIntosh capped off the hectic but fun-filled week-long road trip with another impressive second-place finish.

    Find out more about Amanda McIntiosh at http://traversetrailrunning.com/theteam/amanda.

  • Ryan Maloney Rocks Carlsbad Half Marathon

    Ryan M
    Type 1 Diabetes athlete and sixth-grade student Ryan Maloney (pictured above, left), ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon last weekend in 2 hours 17 minutes in his Newton running shoes. Ryan's run also raised $1500 for Team Glucomotive, a program of the non-profit Insulindependence, which inspires and supports athletes with diabetes.

    Ryan stopped five times during the race to test his blood sugar, and at one point had to eat some extra sugar to keep his blood sugar stable.

  • Weekend Race Hangover Report

    Heather Fuhr en route to breaking the course record at the Avalon Benefit 50 Mile Run.


    In last weekend's racing news, the talented Heather Fuhr added another notch to her ultrarunning belt at the Avalon Benefit 50 Mile Run in Avalon, California. She sent us this report:

    "It was an incredible day on Catalina Island with clear skies and warm temperatures. I thoroughly enjoyed the day from start to finish (OK, maybe the last three miles straight downhill weren’t all that great). I finished in 6:52, second overall, about eight minutes behind the first male finisher, and about 30 minutes faster than the previous women’s course record.  My stability trainers worked perfectly on the trails of Catalina – so thanks for the great shoes!!

    Ryan Maloney, a 12-year-old with Type 1 diabetes, won his age group (male aged 9 - 12) at the Stephen Strasburg 5K Run at San Diego State University on Saturday, the young runner's first time on the podium. In his Newton Special Edition PCF shoes, Ryan ran an impressive 20:56 for the 5K distance. 

He is training for this weekend's Carlsbad Half Marathon, where he will run as part of Team Glucomotive and raise funds for Insulindependence.org, an organization that inspires and supports people with diabetes in their athletic pursuits.

    So far, Ryan has raised $1200 in pledges for Insulindependence.org, with which he has been involved since he started racing at the age of nine.

    Lastly, Jarrett Wyatt, 36, of Phoenix, Arizona, who lost an incredible 160 pounds while running in Newton shoes, ran the P.F. Chang's Rock n' Roll Marathon on Sunday, finishing in 3:34:26. At the race's gear expo, Jarrett conducted this interview with Fox Sports AZ: Rock n' Roll Expo.

  • Disabled Navy Rescue Swimmer Kevin McNease Returns To Sports

    Kevin McNease (2)

    We recently received this letter from a retired navy officer thanking Newton Running and the TriSoldier Project for his successful return to running and triathlons.

    I received word yesterday that you are going to sponsor the athletes from the TriSoldier Project and I wanted to share my thanks and Newton Running story with you.

    I am a 50-percent disabled, retired Navy helicopter-rescue swimmer. Years of cumulative trauma from the rigors of the job resulted in surgeries to my shoulder and hip, which left me athletically sidelined for over five years. But through good physical therapy and persistence, I have resumed running, swimming and biking.

    I feel very fortunate this year to have discovered Newton Running! It is amazing what I have been able to do in your shoes. Every race I entered, I have PR'd! From the Bloomsday 12K in Spokane (over 7 minutes off my best!) to the Coeur d'Alene Ironman (where I took 50 minutes off my marathon time!), these shoes have been nothing but phenomenal. They were also instrumental in my training for the XTERRA Trail Run World Championships in Hawaii in December, where I finish ninth in my age group, and among the top-third of the field. Next year I plan on an age-group podium spot, and your shoes will get me there!

    I train in the Newton Gravitas shoe and race in the Distancia shoe.  I have found it amazing how many miles I have been able to put on this most excellent trainer! I plan to use them this year in all of my races, including the USA Triathlon Northwest Region Sprint and Olympic-distance qualifiers in my hometown of Coeur d'Alene, ID. See you at the Nationals!

    Thanks for your support of the TriSoldier Project. Its Executive Director, Jeff Trout, and his people have been great to us and are truly enabling disabled veterans of all abilities “get back in the game.”  I have nothing but the highest praise for their organization. Between your shoes and their support, we feel truly blessed.


    AW1 Kevin K. McNease (Ret.)

  • Roberto Mandj is Team Newton Running's Top Elite Runner

    RobMandje1Hello fellow Newton Running enthusiast, my name is Roberto Mandje and this is my first of what will hopefully be many more blog entries.

    I’m a proud Newton Elite Athlete. I’m a distance runner and 2004 Athens Olympian in the 1500 meter event. I was born in Barcelona, Spain and compete internationally for Equatorial Guinea, where my mother was born. Over the past few months I have started to transition towards the longer distances and road races, with the goal of running my first marathon sometime in the fall of 2011.

    Winning the 2010 Colorado State Cross Country Championship

    This past fall, I raced distances from 5K to half marathon on surfaces ranging from roads to trails, including one very icy road race in Canada, aptly named, “Canada’s Toughest 10K” (which due to weather conditions was changed to 6.5K on the day). On December 11, I had the pleasure of competing in and winning my 3rd Colorado State Cross Country 12K Championship in nearby Aurora, Colorado.

    The event was put on by the Road Runners Club of America and featured distances of 4 kilometer, 8 kilometer and 12 kilometer (the championship distance). The course was snow free for the first time in the three years I’ve been running it, but challenging none-the-less.  The multiple 4-kilometer loops featured sand, single-track trail, several stream crossings as well as well groomed soccer fields.

    RobMandje2The starter’s gun went off a little bit after 10 a.m. with about 60 hearty cross-country fanatics rushing towards the bottleneck trailhead some 150 meters ahead, where I found myself comfortably in 3rd place.

    The first “cross-country mile,” as race director Rob Fisher humorously described in the moments before the race started, was reached in 6 minutes! I knew then, that this race was probably going to be a lot longer than previously advertised.  I negotiated the first  stream crossing by jumping the entire gap and claimed the lead shortly before the mile mark.

    I reached “two miles” (cross country miles of course) in 12 minutes and 32 seconds, and knew without a doubt that all hopes of a respectable time would be out the window. At that moment I just focused on staying relaxed and protecting my lead through the first of three laps.

    I was fortunate this year to run away with the victory by well over 2 minutes. My final time was 47:28, with very little doubt that I covered WELL over 12 kilometers.  In year’s past I’ve battled with past Colorado University All-Americans and/or local Boulder-based elite runners belonging to different clubs. I was very cold and exhausted by the race’s end, and only then did I realize that extent of my lead.


    It was a great way to cap off my foray into the longer distances this past fall, and I’m eagerly looking forward to 2011, as I’ll look to make my marathon debut. Now I’m on a brief break from racing, and just training through the winter months in my trusted Sir Isaac’s for a fast half marathon in early 2011.

  • Jarrett Wyatt Lost 160 Pounds by Running in Newtons

    IMG_3588[1]We received this letter from Jarrett Wyatt, who has lost over 160 pounds over the past few years by running in Newtons:

    "The Rock ‘n’ Roll 2010 series is all done. I don’t believe I could have done this and stayed as injury free as I did without my Newtons. When I got home Sunday night, I tossed my Racers in the shower with me and gave them a good scrubbing. That particular pair has carried me through more than ten races, and they were looking a tad soiled. Cleaned up beautifully I must say. Funny thing is that when I got back to work Monday, the company threw me a party and I had a brand new pair of Racers in a gift basket. Between Newton and P.F. Chang’s, I am off to a great start to 2011! Thanks again for the support you have shown me."


  • Monday Race Hangover

    Successful weekend for Team Newton:

    -Randy Sightler placed 2nd in the Bisbee 1000 stair climb in Arizona. For those of you not familiar with this event, it requires participants to use any combination of walking and running to traverse nine sets of steps and numerous back-roads at a mile-high altitude. He said after the race: “I was pretty lucky to come in second as I’m almost 52 now. I can not underestimate the benefit Newtons provide to masters runners in rejuvenating and strengthening their stride and subsequently their performance."

    Arizona bisbee 2010 342

    Randy getting interviewed by a local reporter after the race.

    -Jacob Edwards, Newton tech rep placed third in the JFK 50 mile race in Washington County, MD. He is one of less than a dozen people to have ever broken the 6-hour mark in this race. Look at his near-perfect form!


    -Chris Romito won his first 5k race—the Road to Rolesville 5k in Wake Forrest, NC. His form isn't too shabby either:


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