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  • Running in Tech: Zombies, run!

    In this age of smartphones and wrist mounted training computers so powerful that they would have filled an entire warehouse two decades ago, many runners are constantly looking for a new way to track or record their running and in some cases, make it go by faster! Enter "Zombies, run!".

    The inspiration for the game came when one of the co-founders (Naomi Alderman and Adrian Hon) was at a running club meet-up. The group was saying why they were there and wanted to run more. The answers were the fairly to-be-expected, "To get into better shape", "To lose weight", "Training for a race" and the like, until they got to one person who said something completely from left field. "I'm running to be in shape for when the zombie apocalypse happens. I need to be able to outrun them!".

    Zombies! Run!

    "Zombies, run!" is an interactive, running based game for your smartphone that brings fun to running for those whom running itself isn't much fun. In Season 1, there are ~30 "Missions". Within each Mission there are 6 or seven chapters. These chapters tell a bit of story throughout your run, interspersing the story-telling with music from your own library. Within each Mission there are "Zombie chaser" sections where you (according to the story) are being chased by zombies. These sections seek to get you to increase your pace by about 20% for up to 2 minutes. Think of it like a fartlek...with zombies chasing you!

    Thus far, "Zombies, run!" has sold about 300,000 copies (the 5K training version is $3.99 and the "Epic Adventure" is $7.99) and is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Season 2 is currently in the wors and will be out soon. In season 2 there are over 60 missions, an improved user interface and new game play modes which include location based gaming.

    Check them out now HERE!

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  • Running in Tech: DC Rainmaker

    Welcome to a new series on The Running Front (TRF), Running in Tech (RIT)! This series will highlight...well...running in the world of technology. We realize that this is a really broad topic and we like it that way. We see examples of running mechanics and run training as well as the things they affect and the things affected by them all the time. Whether it's video of a robot running, a smartphone app, a training website or anything in between! Sometimes it may be about things that are more general to fitness and sometimes you may think that we're reaching to tie a topic into running, but that's ok. If you know of something that we should include, please let us know! Just let us know on our Facebook or Twitter.

    DC RainmakerFor our first installment of RIT we decided that instead of highlighting one particular gadget, we'd give you a brief rundown of one of our favorite fitness/tech bloggers. To many of you his name and website will be very familiar to you but to those of you who are hearing about him for the first time, it's time to become familiar with him! 

    DC Rainmaker is the website of ├╝ber-blogger and Ray Maker. Ray began his journey to blogging by way of entering his first half-Iron distance race (The Big Kahuna). Along the way, Ray managed to drop 60 pounds and take his background in tech and turn it into some of the best and most comprehensive product reviews available.

    His reviews range from training computers and watches to power meters to scales to bike trainers to heart rate monitors to a bunch of stuff you probably never even knew existed! The reviews on DC Rainmaker are all the result of well thought out and methodical testing by Ray and each step is documented with incredible diligence. From firsthand experience I (Brandon) can tell you that on many occasions I've found myself on Ray's site rather than a given manufaturer's site to find the proper answers to my questions.DC Rainmaker

    Since there is FAR too much amazing content on DC Rainmaker to point out one single item, we're just going to point you to the site itself (below). Ray is currently living in Paris (for work) with his wife, testing cupcakes from his wife's bakery right alongside powermeters and calorie counters. He writes a weekly column for Slowtwitch and can also be found in the pages of Bicycling Magazine.


    DC Rainmaker 

    Ray's Product Reviews 

    Ray's Tips and Tricks 

    Ray's How-to Guides 

    Are you a fan of DC Rainmaker? What's your favorite review from Ray? Leave us comments below!







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