• The Man in Black Wears Bright Shoes

    Actor Titus Welliver, perhaps known best for his role as "The Man in Black" in the television series, Lost, is apparently a big Newton Running fan. He's pictured here sporting the Gravity Performance Trainers.

    "Since I began using Newton shoes, all of my injury issues have disappeared and am able to run better. I wear my Newton shoes as everyday footwear as well, to the point that my wife will remind me, as great as Newtons are, they don't go with a suit."

  • Morton's Neuroma Sufferer Finds Relief

    mcdc7_mortons_neuromaWe at Newton Running try to not to toot our own horn too often, but we do like to share success stories from Newton customers. In this case, M.D. of Vancouver, British Columbia, found relief from Morton's Neuroma with Newton Running shoes. Here's her story:

    "Yesterday while shopping for a new pair of running shoes for my husband, a very cute shoe caught my eye, the Newton Terra Momentus. I asked to try them on and fell in love at first wearing. I have been struggling with Morton's Neuroma in my right foot for over a year and had reached the point of accepting that I would just have to get used to the pain.

    As soon as I tried in the shoe, I realized that the point of contact was at the mid foot, thereby avoiding the metatarsal and the neuroma. I got excited. I took a quick jog outside and got more excited and bought the shoes

    I couldn't wait to get to the gym this morning to give them a real test drive. Sure enough, I could do all the high impact moves that I wasn't able to do before. The only thing that held me back was my own fitness level rather than the neuroma!"


  • Weekend Race Hangover Report

    Heather Fuhr en route to breaking the course record at the Avalon Benefit 50 Mile Run.


    In last weekend's racing news, the talented Heather Fuhr added another notch to her ultrarunning belt at the Avalon Benefit 50 Mile Run in Avalon, California. She sent us this report:

    "It was an incredible day on Catalina Island with clear skies and warm temperatures. I thoroughly enjoyed the day from start to finish (OK, maybe the last three miles straight downhill weren’t all that great). I finished in 6:52, second overall, about eight minutes behind the first male finisher, and about 30 minutes faster than the previous women’s course record.  My stability trainers worked perfectly on the trails of Catalina – so thanks for the great shoes!!

    Ryan Maloney, a 12-year-old with Type 1 diabetes, won his age group (male aged 9 - 12) at the Stephen Strasburg 5K Run at San Diego State University on Saturday, the young runner's first time on the podium. In his Newton Special Edition PCF shoes, Ryan ran an impressive 20:56 for the 5K distance. 

He is training for this weekend's Carlsbad Half Marathon, where he will run as part of Team Glucomotive and raise funds for Insulindependence.org, an organization that inspires and supports people with diabetes in their athletic pursuits.

    So far, Ryan has raised $1200 in pledges for Insulindependence.org, with which he has been involved since he started racing at the age of nine.

    Lastly, Jarrett Wyatt, 36, of Phoenix, Arizona, who lost an incredible 160 pounds while running in Newton shoes, ran the P.F. Chang's Rock n' Roll Marathon on Sunday, finishing in 3:34:26. At the race's gear expo, Jarrett conducted this interview with Fox Sports AZ: Rock n' Roll Expo.

  • Disabled Navy Rescue Swimmer Kevin McNease Returns To Sports

    Kevin McNease (2)

    We recently received this letter from a retired navy officer thanking Newton Running and the TriSoldier Project for his successful return to running and triathlons.

    I received word yesterday that you are going to sponsor the athletes from the TriSoldier Project and I wanted to share my thanks and Newton Running story with you.

    I am a 50-percent disabled, retired Navy helicopter-rescue swimmer. Years of cumulative trauma from the rigors of the job resulted in surgeries to my shoulder and hip, which left me athletically sidelined for over five years. But through good physical therapy and persistence, I have resumed running, swimming and biking.

    I feel very fortunate this year to have discovered Newton Running! It is amazing what I have been able to do in your shoes. Every race I entered, I have PR'd! From the Bloomsday 12K in Spokane (over 7 minutes off my best!) to the Coeur d'Alene Ironman (where I took 50 minutes off my marathon time!), these shoes have been nothing but phenomenal. They were also instrumental in my training for the XTERRA Trail Run World Championships in Hawaii in December, where I finish ninth in my age group, and among the top-third of the field. Next year I plan on an age-group podium spot, and your shoes will get me there!

    I train in the Newton Gravitas shoe and race in the Distancia shoe.  I have found it amazing how many miles I have been able to put on this most excellent trainer! I plan to use them this year in all of my races, including the USA Triathlon Northwest Region Sprint and Olympic-distance qualifiers in my hometown of Coeur d'Alene, ID. See you at the Nationals!

    Thanks for your support of the TriSoldier Project. Its Executive Director, Jeff Trout, and his people have been great to us and are truly enabling disabled veterans of all abilities “get back in the game.”  I have nothing but the highest praise for their organization. Between your shoes and their support, we feel truly blessed.


    AW1 Kevin K. McNease (Ret.)

  • Jarrett Wyatt Lost 160 Pounds by Running in Newtons

    IMG_3588[1]We received this letter from Jarrett Wyatt, who has lost over 160 pounds over the past few years by running in Newtons:

    "The Rock ‘n’ Roll 2010 series is all done. I don’t believe I could have done this and stayed as injury free as I did without my Newtons. When I got home Sunday night, I tossed my Racers in the shower with me and gave them a good scrubbing. That particular pair has carried me through more than ten races, and they were looking a tad soiled. Cleaned up beautifully I must say. Funny thing is that when I got back to work Monday, the company threw me a party and I had a brand new pair of Racers in a gift basket. Between Newton and P.F. Chang’s, I am off to a great start to 2011! Thanks again for the support you have shown me."


  • From Iraq and Afghanistan to Kona 2011

    At Newton, one of the most rewarding parts about our work is when we receive emails such as the following, from retired US Army Special Forces soldier Stefan Ray. It takes discipline and unwavering self-confidence to come back from getting your knee blasted with an AK-47. If we can help more people recover from injury and get back out on the road running again in order to make positive changes in their lives we are doing our job right.

    Me 2011

    I just wanted to thank you for your contribution to the running world. I received a few injuries while serving on several overseas tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo/Bosnia, but the worst injury I sustained was being shot through my left knee with an AK-47. I have always been a strong runner, but this injury put me out for a long time. I was never able to run pain free due to the acl/mcl damage the round caused. I came across Newton Running at my 1st triathlon event this year after 1.5 years off due to the injury and rehab. I bought a pair of the Sir Isaacs and then the Distance racers. I am now running pain-free and believe these are the best engineered running shoes that exist. I have turned about 10 people on to Newton shoes now and they are as happy as I am. I am training my rear off with hopes of becoming a pro triathlete. Had I not found your shoes, I never would have even considered it. I am planning a big race season in 2011 starting with Rohto IM 70.3 Florida, IM 70.3 Muncie, and IM Louisville in hopes of qualifying for Kona. No one or anything stops me when I am determined and I want to thank you for turning my life around. Whether it be racing, training, coaching, or just knocking around, I am in Newton shoes about 98% of the time. (I wear dress shoes to church, sorry!) My injuries have been an emotional journey and I am finally back to normal and now in the best shape of my life.

    Entry wound

    entrance wound

    Exit wound

    exit wound

    Newton running shoes

    Thanks for sharing Stefan!

  • Newton Shoes Help Amputee Return to Running

    100512-F-1936B-1333Fourteen months ago, 1st Lieutenant Ryan McGuire lost his leg in a boating accident on Lake Amistad. The wind caught an inner tube sitting next to him, and the rope attached to the tube yanked him from the boat and he flew out at 40 miles per hour, dislocating his hip, fracturing his pelvis and mangling his foot.

    Over the next year, McGuire received a prosthetic leg and undergone intense rehab and resumed running. Since then, he has run the Air Force Marathon and Warrior Games, wearing Newtons. You can read his inspiring story of determination here.

  • "I Just Love my Newtons!"


    Newton co-founder and CEO Jerry Lee with Jenny Budget whom he ran into at the open water swim at Dachet in the UK. Jenny qualified for Kona in Newtons after trying for 9 years. Congrats on the huge accomplishment Jenny!

  • It pays to follow @sirisaac on Twitter

    The following post was written by Marilyn Cox from Cincinatti, OH, the winner of our website contest to win a trip to the Newton Headquarters in Boulder to be coached by Danny Abshire, Newton founder and Chief Technical Officer at Newton.

    marilyn and danny 4-10-10

    Thwap, hu, thwap, hu, thwap, hu. At one time, the rhythmic pounding of a run created a hypnotic trance. The foot-strike created a dependable cadence to measure strength and speed. This beat carried me through 20 years of running. Last weekend 20 years of thwap, hu, thwap, hu, thwap, hu were silenced.

    Every Islamic faithful makes a pilgrimage to Mecca. The same holds true for endurance athletes—only our Mecca is Boulder, Colorado. Muslims must visit the Holy Mosque, and athletes must patron the Newton Running Lab. I had the opportunity to visit the Newton Running Lab after winning a sweepstakes. (It pays to follow @sirisaac, which alerted me that the contest was going on.) Along with the trip, I received a pair of Newton running shoes and valuable training with Danny Abshire, the brains behind the Newton operations.

    When I arrived at the Newton Running Lab, Danny and his wife Jennifer offered a very warm welcome and went right to work. Danny evaluated my feet and stride. I over-pronate, strike with my toe, and my strides are too long. Danny and Jennifer explained the Newton Running Shoe’s ability to correct your foot position and stride. With the right shoe and a lesson in proper running form, they could fix me right up.

    Continue reading

  • A Boston Story: Dave Graves to Tackle the Race with Parkinsons

    This story was written by Patty Swedberg, owner of Raise the Bar, a Seattle area running club. The Newton team is proud to be part of Dave's recent success, and wishes him the best of luck this weekend. Dave, we'll be cheering you on!


    Forty-five year old Dave Graves has Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease and is headed out of town to run the Boston Marathon on April 19th.  Dave’s Parkinson’s manifests itself with conditions like constant pain, fatigue, muscle spasms, numbness and some loss of muscle control, more so on his left side than his right.  His speech is slower and quieter these days too, but if you didn’t know Dave before his diagnosis in August of 2008, you wouldn’t necessarily notice any of these conditions or guess that he’s ill. Dave would probably even hate the very reference that he’s ill.  Dave is squeezing every healthy moment and activity he can out of his busy life these days – and he’s making an impact along the way.

    Thanks to Dr. Monique Giroux at Evergreen Hospital’s Parkinson's Care Center in Kirkland, Washington, Dave’s diagnosis was made in an atypically short period of time—only one month.  An actively-competing distance runner and marathoner, he focuses his treatment around staying active and running. He began a drug regimen that relieved some of the symptoms, but the disease continued to progress making running nearly impossible.  Further consultation with Dr. Giroux led Dave to choose a more aggressive drug regimen with potentially more serious side effects.  The result has Dave running longer and more comfortably and is giving him the ability to run in Boston next weekend.

    Unable to meet the qualifying time for standard entry in the race, Dave petitioned the Boston Athletic Association to allow him to compete as a “Mobility-Impaired” athlete.  In October of 2009, his wife Wendy (an Ironman and Boston qualifying marathon runner) received word from the Director that he was in.

    As with most inspirational journeys, many people, circumstances, and factors that have contributed to Dave’s Boston experience.  One factor takes the form of a running shoe—Newton Shoes.  There’s something in the toe box and design of the Newton shoes that has eliminated a cramping left foot that was keeping Dave from running longer distances.  Whether or not the good folks at Newton knew they were helping a neurologically-impaired marathoner is uncertain, but Dave is grateful.  He’s also grateful to have met and networked with numerous other Parkinson’s patients like former professional cyclist, Davis Phinney.  They share the experience that hard exercise seems to slow the progression of the disease, and Dave will embrace that experience long into the future.

    There will be no time goal for Dave at Boston. He’s choosing to enjoy the experience and wait to see how the day unfolds. Too many variables make Dave’s performance impossible to predict.  But rest assured Dave’s wife, nephew, friends, doctor, running team, and fellow Parkinson’s patients will all be enthusiastically cheering him on.  GO DAVE!

    You can follow Dave Graves’ progress at the Boston Marathon through the athlete tracking system on www.bostonmarathon.org. His race number is 22163. Follow Wendy too!  Her number: 19139

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