Newton Running Social Round-up: 3.8.13

With a nod to blatant cuteness and our love for dogs, we asked our fans to share pictures of their dogs wearing Newtons with us this week. Here are just a few of the pictures that were shared!

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This week we also hit 50,000 Facebook Fans! We are super excited about this because we make a big time effort to not just hit an arbitrary number of fans just to have fans, but we want our fans to be engaged and to be the most knowledgeable runners on two feet! We are who we are because of our fans on and off Facebook and we’re saying thank you by giving away a pair of shoes! Enter below:


Once we’ve given away our pair of shoes, the one and only Mile Long Legs will be giving away a pair of Newtons also! head on over to her website and Facebook page to be in the know when her contest goes live.

Also around the interwebs this week are some really fantastic pictures by other Newton fans and devotees:

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And last but most certainly not least, Newton Running co-founder Danny Abshire headed to the midwest to give some talks and clinics. Here’s a story from Naperville High School which actually has a Natural Running CLASS (how awesome is THAT?!): [STORY]