Kona 2010: Stellar Marathon for Craig, Newtons Everywhere, and Contest Winner

Finish Men (246)

photo courtesy of ironmanlive.com

Craig Alexander may not have gotten the 3-peat we were all hoping for, but we’re still as proud as ever to have him as part of the Newton family. He ran a blazing 2:41:59 marathon, which was the 2nd fastest of the day. Over the course of the run, he made up a huge amount of time over his rivals and moved from 16th to 4th place during the race. With pavement temperatures hovering around 120 degrees, this is a commendable feat.

“I don’t think I lost this race today, but there were three guys who had  incredible days ahead of me.,” Craig graciously said.

We would also like to congratulate Tatiana Vertiz, who placed first in the 18-24 women’s age group, and the rest of the Newton athletes who finished including Jozsef Major, Heleen Bij De Vaate, Yvette Grice, Rhae Shaw, Wendy Mader, Pam Reed, and Ian Dargin.

At Newton Running,  we are proud to report that out of a shoe tally taken of all the competitors footwear choices, our shoes were the second most prevalent on the course right behind Asics, but ahead of Nike, Brooks, Saucony, and all others. You can check out the total count here.

And now for the announcement that you’ve all been waiting for… We received over 300 guesses across Facebook, Twitter, and this blog, and there was a three-way tie between those who guessed 2:42:00 (one second off). The randomly selected winner is Chance, who commented on the original blog post. Please email us at media@newtonrunning.com to collect your shoes!