Newton Running Launches Natural Running Symposia Program

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Next week at Luke’s Locker in Dallas we’re hosting a Natural Running Symposium, the first in a series of national educational seminars hosted by some of the top experts in running form, biomechanics and injury prevention.

This is a free, open to the public event featuring Newton Running co-founder and running form expert Danny Abshire, Newton’s R&D/Education director and adventure racing world champ Ian Adamson, and running science expert Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. On Tuesday evening, the team will lead an informative discussion about biomechanics, injury prevention and running shoe design. Then on Wednesday morning, Danny, Ian and Mark will lead a Natural Running form clinic starting at the Dallas store.

The details:

What: Natural Running Symposium

When: Tues., March 2 @ 6 p.m.

Where: Luke’s Locker, Dallas (3607 Oak Lawn Avenue) 214-528-1290

Hope to see you there…tell your friends!

Our next Symposiums will be March 19-20 at Marathon Sports in Boston and March 25-26 at Road Runner Sports in San Diego. Stay tuned for more dates and details.





15 thoughts on “Newton Running Launches Natural Running Symposia Program

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  3. Chris

    I’m planning on attending in SD. Would be great to get some details soon so I can schedule “life” accordingly. Nothing on Road Runner website.

  4. Henrik Eiberg

    I am really interested in all this natural running but do you ever have any events in Europe? I have been a very keen runner for many years but have been out from the running the last 10 months because of injuries and I put the blame much to the running shoes and are really interested in more knowledge on this natural running to see if it can make a difference so I really hope Europe or even better Copenhagen (Denmark) could be your next stop – I am willing to help out with a seminar or anything like that.

  5. Sir Isaac Post author

    Hi Henrik,

    Our popularity is growing in Europe and we hope to have some events in the very near future, but don’t have any planned as of now, but stay tuned.

    Thanks for your support!
    Sir Isaac

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