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"The shoes are the root of the problem."

6 thoughts on “Author of "Born to Run" on the Daily Show”

  • Gustaf


    What's the Newton opinion on his book? Full barefoot, Vibram or the Newton way?

    Or, are you part of the solution or the problem?


    • Sir Isaac

      Good question Gustaf-

      In general we like the book and we agree with the author's conclusions about modern footwear. Running barefoot or with Vibrams is a great training tool, but it's not very practical for most people's everyday running. Newton shoes feature patented technology that is designed to be optimal with 'barefoot running technique.' So, with Newton you get the biomechanical benefits of barefoot running with the advantage of the latest design technology in a shoe that is ideal for everyday running and racing.

  • Tony

    "Vibrams is a great training tool, but it’s not very practical for most people’s everyday running."

    Why not?

    • Sir Isaac

      We like them, but for many runners who have spent their whole lives in thickly cushioned shoes, the transition to Vibrams can be slow, challenging and sometimes painful. In our opinion, Newton Running shoes help runners achieve a more natural form with a geometry that has a ramp angle/gradient identical or similar to Vibrams but still provides force impact reduction and protection.

  • sarah

    Our feet our designed to handle the impact. That is the whole point of the barefoot running movement. Don't get bogged down in trying to promote your product. At least you said "in our opinion", because that is what it is and opinion, not a fact

  • Monty

    LMAO. Sir Isaac, you bastard! How dare you promote your product in your own forum. Grow up people.

    Sometimes I run barefoot and sometimes I run in my VFF's. Mostly, I'll take my Newtons, thanks. No worries about bad pavement, rock strikes or ending up on the unexpected gravel road when I'm checking out a new area.


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