I am Ironman

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Robert Downey Jr. on the set of Ironman 2, wearing Newton Gravity trainers.

There are so many options for a great caption here….

Best caption posted in the comments gets a free Newton Race Hat.

View the whole set of photos here.


37 thoughts on “I am Ironman

  1. Andre

    Hey, who do you thing you are? I’m an Ironman, I run on Newton’s… right Craig?

  2. Brian Harvey

    Dang it Rob, you’re messing it up! Look! You start with your left hand and then say “Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, Baker’s man! Bake us a cake As fast as you can,”

  3. Brian

    “Easy Robert, I didn’t say I’m taking your shoes. I said I’m going to show you some moves.”

  4. John Sturdivant

    “No, Robert. You can’t wear shoes on your hands; because if you did, they’d come up to here…”

  5. Uncle Phil

    Just a few more seconds and your Newton Running temporary tattoo should be good to go Robert!

  6. Ron

    “Okay Robert, if someone does this to your arm, you just take off running, let the shoes do the rest”

  7. JamesBoy

    Remember Grasshooper, Newtons on, Newtons off. Your Gravity’s are one with the road

  8. Grant

    Mr…Downey…Please…Sir! …the Newton’s are product placement…please…you can’t…take them home!

  9. Dylan Alexander

    “Im not truely Ironman until i put these shoes on.”

    “These shoes are the true secret to unlocking my full potential.”

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