Newton makes a cameo on Go’ Morgen Danmark!

Newton tipster Jonathan sent us a message and a link to a video from the popular Danish morning show, Go’ Morgen Denmark!. He says:

Yesterday, Newton made it’s first appearance on national Danish television. It was in the programme, Go’ Morgen Danmark, which as you probably can guess, means good morning Denmark and is watched by the vast majority of the population.

Now, my Danish is a bit rusty but if I’m not mistaken, the commentators are saying something along the lines of:

Here are some other shoes. Newtons are the best.

Of course, that’s a loose translation, so check out the link below for yourself!

[LINK] Tips til de rette løbesko. Vores løbecoach giver gode råd til, hvordan du vælger den helt rigtige løbesko.