Newtons on the Small Screen

imageSome of Sir Isaac’s Twitter followers had sharp enough eyes to spot a pair of Newtons on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” last Tuesday. For those of you who have tuned into the popular weight loss TV show over the past several years, you know Dr. Huizenga, the physician for the contestants on the show, former Los Angeles Raiders team doc, and witness in the O.J. Simpson trial (thanks, google).

Dr. H has started a new weight loss group in Hollywood called “20 pounds plus or minus” for middle-aged women who are looking to lose those 5-20 pounds that have crept on after child rearing. Through the ten week program they will learn to maintain a healthier body weight through running.

Newton has outfitted these 18 ladies with new running shoes to aid their efforts, and we were lucky to have one of them turn up on the show last week exposing our product to millions of viewers (or at the very least least, a few die-hard fans that spotted them)

After a 5:30 am run, Teddi Gilderman, long-time patient of Dr. H and co-creator of the group said, “There is nothing like working out with an amazing group of women and a doctor whom you’ve trusted your whole life. I look forward to being “big losers” with my girls and all of us learning life-long lessons about health and nutrition.”

Run strong ladies!