The (Popular) Science of Newton

Although he doesn't actually test Newton shoes, Adam Weiner from Popular Science offers an interesting take on the science of Newton Running technology in this article, Will Barefoot Running Cure What Ails Us? I love his intro:

"First of all, let's set the record straight. Man is a natural long distance runner. Despite impressions to the contrary foisted on us daily from our predominantly sedentary and 'well-fed' modern lifestyle, it is interesting to note that for long enough distances a well-trained human can outrun just about any other creature on the planet."

Weiner then further evaluates:

"In fact, consider the following: Man evolved to run barefoot, and shoes arrived on the scene only in the last few tens of thousands of years or so. Try running barefoot some time (preferably on a softer surface like grass) and pay attention to your foot strikes. You might find that it's almost impossible to land heel first. Your command central (your brain) just won't let you do it. Too much jarring. Your bare heel isn't designed to handle that pounding. The evidence supports that landing nearer the middle to front of the foot is the most efficient way to go."

Check out the full Popular Science story here.  We're going to try and get Mr. Weiner in some Newtons so he can actually try them for himself.

4 thoughts on “The (Popular) Science of Newton”

  • Brent Yarger

    I just got a pair of Gravity's and I am simply blown away. I've been running competitively in Asics for years and never thought I'd stray, but I now can't see me running in anything other than Newtons ever again.

    In just my second training run with these shoes I ran the back half of a simple 4 mile run in a time that would have virtually maxed out my score on the Army 2 mile Physical Fitness Test.

    With these shoes it truly feels like I am running sans shoes. I almost have to look down just to confirm that I do indeed have something on. Thank you so very much for creating the most amazing shoe line I have ever encountered. You have a customer and fan for life!

  • Sir Isaac

    Awesome to hear Brent. Thanks for your feedback!

  • bridget

    I am seriously considering switching over to Newtons, at least trying a pair, because after running three marathons my knees are killing me and have kept me from running for the past 6 months. I've been reading a lot of these kinds of articles about running barefoot, etc, trying to make an informed decision before spending the $$$. Can anyone from Newton address the questions raised (by a barefoot runner) in one of the comments on that article?

    • Sir Isaac

      Hi Bridget-

      Newton Running shoes were designed to 'mimic' barefoot running technique. Newton believes in a barefoot/forefoot running style, but also knows that running around without shoes on concrete and pavement is just not that practical. Newton shoes provide protection, cushioning and some energy return in the forefoot of the shoes, rather than the heel, like most other running shoe brands.


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