The Running Man

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No, we’re not talking about the awesomely bad 1987 movie with the Ahhnold, nor are we talking about totally rad 80′s dance moves (click that link, trust me).  Instead, we want to introduce you to Jason Smith, the host of a new show entitled ‘The Running Man.’ The premise of the show is simple, Jason will visit a new city each week, exploring the destination’s sights, tastes and sounds while running.

This is a pilot episode that features Jason running through Manhattan Beach, CA. It’s really entertaining and I’m not saying that just because Jason loves Newton shoes and wears them prominently in the pilot. These guys are pitching the show to The Travel Channel – we wish them luck and hope to see it on TV soon!


70 thoughts on “The Running Man

  1. Valisa

    I am by no means a runner but I must admit I throughly enjoyed what I saw.I learned a lot.Jason has charisma and he is cute.

  2. Annie S

    What a great idea! I love the concept of discovering neat places while you run and then exploring after the run. This is absolutely a show I’d be interested in. Your runner, Jason, has a lot of personality and he’s fun! Keep up the good work and good luck guys!!!

  3. Amy

    Wow, what a great new show! Jason is HOT and such a likeable host too! Informative and fun to watch. Awesome!

  4. Michael

    This is a really cool/fresh concept! I’m an avid runner, and have to admit that it can often feel like a chore. ‘The Running Man’ pilot has inspired me to adventure my community and beyond. Jason is intelligent, witty, charming and fun to watch. I look forward to future episodes and an introduction to new sites.

  5. Robyn Franklin

    This is a great idea. Jason has great charm and charisma. Would loved to watch more………..

  6. Christopher Smith

    Great Idea! Really enjoyed the food aspect of the show, especially where you mention the Cajun food. Hope this makes it on air!

  7. Heather Hollis

    This show promises to be both entertaining and educational. What a great way to get to know a city. Jason come show off Baton Rouge! We’ve got great runs and awesome reward foods!

  8. Connie Stelly

    Jason is good-looking, fit and has real presentation. I enjoy the upbeat running attitude which I have off and on. His energy can be inspiring.

  9. Darryl Zachary

    I find “The Running Man” very entertaining; it definitely captured my attention. It’s very informative and the scenery is beautiful. Your professionalism and screen presence makes the entire video complete. You seem so relaxed. Keep up the good work!

  10. Michael O'Brien

    WOW! – Great to see you enjoying life doing things you have always loved… running, working out and acting. We miss you here in Nawlin’s and wish you lots of luck with this awesome opportunity

    Will tune in hopefully soon!

  11. Jeff Curtis

    Excellent concept, in my opinion. Jason attacks a project like he used to attack a running back in the hole while playing llinebacker for John Curtis Christian School, Vanderbilt University and Cal-Berkeley University…with ferocity. So, anything that he does, will be done with passion, hard work, discipline and dedication! What else can be said? I hope someone gives him a “shot” to succeed, because they will not be disappointed. Can those things be said about most people in Hollywood? I think not! Great job, Jason…keep up the hard work!

  12. Eric Davis

    Excellent job Jason! Awesome getting to see you do what you love. Travel Channell would be very smart to pick this up. Good Luck!

  13. Andrew Burras

    This is going to be an award winning show. This show will be very informative thanks to the knowledgeable host. Any TV Network would be insane not to pick up this show. Don’t limit yourself to the Travel Channel; I believe this show would be a hit for any channel. I can’t wait to set my DVR to catch every episode. Best wishes Running Man!

  14. Vickie Deaton

    The entire video definitely held my attention, the scenery is just awesome.
    Jason did a great job and all the information was unbelievalbe. Keep having a great time.

  15. Kara

    Jason – great concept and great show! I hope it gets picked up because it’s something I think will no doubt take off…good luck!

  16. Noel's mom

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    I’m not a running but I may give it a try. Thanks for the tips! Will pass them on.

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