The Running Man

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No, we’re not talking about the awesomely bad 1987 movie with the Ahhnold, nor are we talking about totally rad 80′s dance moves (click that link, trust me).  Instead, we want to introduce you to Jason Smith, the host of a new show entitled ‘The Running Man.’ The premise of the show is simple, Jason will visit a new city each week, exploring the destination’s sights, tastes and sounds while running.

This is a pilot episode that features Jason running through Manhattan Beach, CA. It’s really entertaining and I’m not saying that just because Jason loves Newton shoes and wears them prominently in the pilot. These guys are pitching the show to The Travel Channel – we wish them luck and hope to see it on TV soon!


70 thoughts on “The Running Man

  1. Michael Amos

    Ok. Your “like-ability” should probably require metering on the scale of a drag race car’s tachometer. You are such a regular guy, Jason. Penultimately approachable, and yet overtly knowledgeable and self-assured. If confidence and self-deprecating good humor can be more effectively conveyed, I have yet to meet the personification there-of more compellingly manifested.

    You are clearly “coming from” a mind-set of contribution and fun, and I believe this content could motivate a new kind of “liberating paradigm” for a healthy, balanced lifestyle for many folks who have been conditioned and in some cases by definition depressed by the prevailing “all-or-nothing” attitude towards fitness.

  2. Nicol Hugger

    I thought the Running Man episodes Jason did were fantastic. What a great idea! Loved the educational part of it and the scenery was gorgeous!

  3. Elizabeth

    Great pilot! I really like the science stuff. Best of luck that you get picked up.

  4. eddie macha

    This show rocks! Finally a real guy who exercises hard and enjoys his life. What a great way to explore the world.

  5. Vicki McDougal

    Jason, Best of luck to you on this new show. When do I get my autographed picture. Been a fan for 10 years now!!!

  6. Bill

    I tried to find more info on this but the website link in the credits doesn’t work – any idea if the idea is still alive?

  7. Ping Gilbert

    This is such a fresh alternative to other television programs. The Travel Channel should jump on this. And an actor like Jason Smith will be hard to turn away from. I wish him the best of luck on this endeavor!

  8. Joanie Becnel

    Very well done and I would definately watch it and will send it to my daughter in law.

  9. Liz Colizza

    Looks like a great way to combine two of my favorite things: running and traveling!!! Can we get Jason to Africa?!!



  11. Buck Willis


    This looks great! Please add Austin and/or San Marcos Texas to your list and you can “Run in the sky” as you fly in a BiPlane with me! Cheers, Buck >

  12. Greg

    The Running Man was pretty cool. To see new and exciting places to run, with a hint of education and humor. Great idea for those who like to travel and who love to run. Jason did a great job. I will be sure to look for this as it makes its way to television

  13. Teetsie Simoneaux

    Great format, held my attention. Interesting tidbits of information that the brain can remember. Loved the reference to Louisiana cooking! Hope the Travel Channel puts it in a good time slot!

  14. Trent Loreant

    Fantastic concept and execution! Jason has a great presence with the audience and seems effortless in front of the camera. I am not a fitness buff or a runner, and this show makes me want to get out there and run. Better yet, it makes me want to travel so I can run, and reward myself with yummy pizza in a beautiful location like Manhattan Beach, CA.
    Do let us know how we can support more of this project!


    This is great, really interesting,informative and fun! Good luck! and hpe to see ya on the Travel Channel.

  16. Dixie Wallace

    Just the right balance….. I actually have a friend with a relative in Manhattan Beach and have been considering taking a trip there. What a timely “preview”. I liked that Jason didn’t try to cover everything in one show – you can only take in so much at a time. Also, I sincerely appreciated the informational tips on taking a healthy, fun run.

  17. Lynda

    I enjoyed this video and I liked the shoes! I think I will try them. Jason is a great host for this show, too. I would like to see him keep up that pace in the Mile High City of Denver! However, everyone comes to Denver, so choose another great town like Colorado Springs or Durango.

  18. Margaret

    LOVED it! Very informative and entertaining. Keep up the good work, and PICK THIS UP, TRAVEL CHANNEL!!!

  19. katherine ullrich

    Stylish, personable, information, original and I’d like to see it again!
    Great presentation for a new format of ideas!

  20. Tracy P.

    When can I go for a run with Jason? I loved sightseeing with Jason from a different angle, what a great idea for a show! Thanks for the running tips as well. I am definitely a fan of the Running Man. MUST SEE THIS SHOW AGAIN!!!!!!

  21. Trisha


    I love it!! Bill and I support you all the way! Come to Atlanta we’ve got great trails and would LOVE to see you!

  22. Tina Bordelon

    Enjoyed the entire video, kept my attention very interesting and exciting. Would love to visit Manhattan Beach myself now that I’ve been introduced to the sights and scences! Great Job!

  23. Heather

    Sweet show…and an awesome concept! It allows one to see and appreciate the benefits of an active lifestyle while experiencing some of the sights and sounds of differents US hot spots. Good luck….. you have my vote!

  24. Denise Cullari

    A great show and a great host! Makes me want to take a trip to California and explore what it has to offer! Also like the “healthy tips” throughout the show. Two thumbs up!

  25. Nick Carrier

    Hey…my advice to you guys…better keep this young man before “The Bachelor” gets him (that’s if he’s available)…and what a waste that would be to appear on that program anyway!!….took his tip on running by hitting the base of your foot rather than the heel first….i feel better already….and i also like the taste of a southern origin…always good to have a little coonee in your accent!

    Nick Carrier Napoleonville, Louisiana

  26. Nancy Zarrella

    Hey Jason, head out to the east coast. Narragansett is the number one surf zone on the east coast. I would love to run with you……you can be the talent… I will just saunter along :)

    If you can’t motivate people to get up and move….I am not sure who can!

    Hey, remember to mention the ankle dorsiflexion Dynasplint for those runners with achilles tendonitis!!!

  27. C.J.

    Great episode! As a non-runner you made the run seem fun and entertaining. Also included some cool facts that I liked to see as an athletic trainer and strength & conditioning specialist. It made me seriously consider lacing up and heading out for an “LSR”. Keep them coming and you just might get me out there.

  28. Kris LeBlanc

    The scenery was great as well as the information provided about running. Jason did an excellent job……would love to see more!

  29. Coach

    I think I’ve seen this guy before, wasn’t he a famous weightlifter or football some time ago?

  30. George Smith

    Jason what an interesting way to see new cities and learn about running.
    The city in the film looks like a place that I would enjoy visiting and the beaches were fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing more episodes with new destinations. Thanks again for the exercise tips and good luck with your
    next run.

  31. Rachel from New Orleans

    Hey Jason,

    The clip was great, loved your super personality. I wish you luck on your show! Take a run through New Orleans! Awesome and funny about the waitress not knowing of your secret being from New Orleans! I do it all the time when I travel.

    Good Luck!

  32. Anna

    Great show! Really enjoyed the scenery and the host was very knowledgeable and appealing. Hope to see more!

  33. Jackie

    I enjoyed the video and looking at all the beautiful scenes. I would truly like to visit those places. Don’t think I want to run them though. Great Job!! I would like to see more episodes of this.

  34. Patti

    Great videos! I love to travel, not much of a runner but the show would keep my interest from a view of ideas on places to visit! Think this could be one of those shows that I would look forward to each week.

  35. Annie Strawn

    Great idea! Love the idea of discovery while on the run and then going back to explore your finds after the run. I would absolutely watch this. May find my next vacation spot!
    Good luck guys!!

  36. Frank Aversa

    Great Concept with a down to earth host. He made you want to get out of your seat and join him on the run. Some network better pick this show up.

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