Freedom’s Run

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If you live in the mid-Atlantic, this is a race you should really check out – the inaugural Freedom’s Run in Shepardstown, WV on Saturday, Oct. 3. The marathon course winds through four national parks (that’s gotta be a first) and there’s also a half marathon, a 10K and 5K. Newton Running is a proud sponsor of this race that seeks to promote healthy living and the incredible heritage of the area.

Here’s a short video about the race.

Our friend and fellow natural running fanatic, Dr. Marc Cucuzzella, is the race director. He’s a major proponent of Chi Running one of the country’s foremost experts on running biomechanics and proper running form.

Check out this video of Dr. Mark using a Razor Scooter to demonstrate proper running form at a local fun run. Pretty cool!


3 thoughts on “Freedom’s Run

  1. Brandon Wood

    That razor thing is a fantastic point!What’s funny about all of the things that demonstrate good, natural form is that, once you see them the response is ALWAYS the same! It goes something like, “Wow! Will ya look at that. Can’t believe I didn’t notice that before!”

  2. Liz Frost

    Correction: ChiRunning and ChiWalking were founded by Katherine and Danny Dreyer. Dr. Cucuzzella isn’t a founder, but a big fan and proponent of ChiRunning

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