Natural Running – DEFINED

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Terms like barefoot running, forefoot running, midfoot running, chi running, minimalist running, etc. get bandied about so often these days that it’s difficult to define any of them and they’re all starting to lose any true meaning. Here at Newton, we think ‘natural running’ best describes what we’re all about. What do you think? (click image to enlarge)

What is Natural Running


10 thoughts on “Natural Running – DEFINED

  1. Kathy

    Running is one of those sports that has a low barrier to entry. Put on a pair of shoes (or don’t) and head out onto the roads/trails/hills/mountains/grass… etc. and run. Not much else to it.

    Seeing all these different terms come up is a little bit too much for me. It reminds me of arguments I had back in the days when I thought climbing was going to be my sport. Bouldering vs. Routes vs. Trad vs. Aid. I just liked the climbing part, not arguing about which way is better.

    My question isn’t what should we call ourselves, it’s when are we going to stop labeling what we’re doing, and just run?

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  3. david black

    in your sentence regarding unlearning old habits, I would add : strengthen or awaken or something more poetic… unused muscles

    otherwise quite timely especially with the open letter from Brooks that I saw today.

    The link to this letter is posted on the barefoot forum on and

    Keep up the good work. Set another lifetime pr, this time at 15 km (67:20), two days ago Not bad at 59 with 45 years of running experience. Me and the gravities

  4. david black

    how about in that sentence: … unlearn old habits, awaken dormant muscles, and learn proper technique.

    I thought of that on my run home after running stadiums in an effort to awaken my dormant muscles

  5. Sean Wetstine

    Well put and best describes what Newton is all about – like you said = DEFINED! Here’s so much talk, hype, and copy cats but only one true natural form running shoe – NEWTONS!

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