Newton Sponsors 10-year-old Member of Team Triabetic

Ryan Maloney_1467 Newton Running is a proud sponsor of Ryan Maloney, a 10-year-old from San Diego county who ran his first half marathon last Sunday on behalf of Team Triabetes and Insulindependence.  Ryan has had type 1 diabetes since he was two and has become a great athlete as part of staying healthy. He is the youngest of 50 Team Triabetes members that participated in the Carlsbad marathon and half marathon. Way to go Ryan!

Ryan’s mother sent us this great race report:

Mile 2- Ryan’s teacher  Ms. Bescak jumped on the course with them for 3 miles. Ryan’s blood sugars went low (58) and he took a gel and walked a little bit.

Mile 3- Blood sugars went up to 75

Mile 5- stopped to test blood sugars (82) took another gel.  Mom switches places with Ryan’s teacher for next 3 miles.

Mile 6- bathroom break

Mile 6 1/2- half way through the race and Ryan is smiling and feeling great. Runs the hills with no problems.

Mile 7- the highlight of Ryan’s race- Peter Nerothin the President of Insulindependence comes up from behind us as he is at mile 20 of the full Marathon and cheers Ryan on as he runs with us for a minute.

Mile 8- Mom switches places with two of Ryan’s friends Jacob B. and Jacob U. who run the next 3 miles with him. Ryan doesn’t stop running they just jump in the race course with him.

Mile 10 1/2- Blood sugars drop to 73. Ryan takes another gel.

Mile 11- Ryan’s calves start to hurt and he is starting to feel tired. He walks for a minute.

Mile 12- Ryan’s calves continue to hurt, but he keeps on running.

Mile 13- Ryan finishes the race strong with a time of 2 hours 36 minutes. Second half of the race at a pace of almost 1 minute per mile faster than the first half.

Next year he wants to finish under 2 1/2 hours. (And we’re confident he will!)

Ryan Maloney_Group