8 hours, 82,015 Steps, and 47 miles on the Dreadmill for Ian Adamson


The Woodway Desmo treadmill at RnRSD turned for eight hours last Friday and Saturday, and the official number of steps are tallied. Pam and Ian got a solid training session in for Badwater and logged the following numbers while raising awareness for Trickle Up:

Ian Adamson: 82,015 steps, 47 miles

Pam Reed: 87,777 steps, 43 miles

Ian had the following to say of the event: “Running on a treadmill for eight hours is not particularly fun, but it’s much easier than the challenges faced by the countless millions of people in poorer countries without a stable (or any) income. Last Saturday I ran 47 miles in Newton Gravity Trainers on a treadmill to raise awareness for Trickle Up. Trickle Up gives grants to develop micro-enterprise for folks who live on less than $1 a day. “Dreadmill” running is challenging since there’s no change of scenery, or the smells, sights and sounds of the countryside. Fortunately plenty of people stopped by at the expo to chat and gawk. As Ben from Woodway pointed out, it’s akin to being a human hamster—only I’m neither cute nor furry.”


Thanks to everyone who stopped by our expo booth to try on shoes, and congrats to all the marathon finishers. Now for the announcement you’ve all been waiting for, the winners of the contest. Because we added Pam last minute, for the online contest we chose to pick the two closest guesses for Ian. The expo winners were determined by the closest guess for Ian, Pam, and the combination of the two.

Here is the list of folks who will be receiving a free pair of shoes:

Sheli Auteh guessed 82,600 steps for Ian at the expo

Judy Kniss guessed 87,600 steps for Pam at the expo

Yvonne Faucher guessed 170,000 for the combined number of steps at the expo

Lewis Fowler guessed 81, 568 steps for Ian online

Jeff Kaldahl guessed 82, 222 for Ian online

Winners: email us at media@newtonrunning.com if you have any questions.