Amanda McIntosh Races three 50Ks in 8 Days

Big Bend Finish Pic

Amanda McIntosh (left) placed second female (first master) poses at the Big Bend 50K finish line with winner Tanya Hunter.


Earlier this month, Texas-based running coach, Amanda McIntosh, drove 2500 miles to run three 50-kilometer races in one week. The two-time Leadville Trail 100-mile winner (1999 and 2000) has run in Newton shoes exclusively since July 2009.

“I had done the Bandera 50K/Big Bend Ultra Run 50K back-to-back before (they are eight days apart),” says McIntosh. “This year, my good friend, Cesar Torres, invited me to his Q50 race in Mandeville, Louisiana (the day after Bandera). I thought why not and inivted five of my most-fun running friends to me. We rented a van and the rest is history.”

The group drove to Bandera, Texas, for the first race on Saturday, January 8, where McIntosh finished third female (first Master), wearing the Newton Terra Momentus trail shoes on the very rocky, technical course. Twenty minutes after finishing, they hit the road bound for Louisiana with a quick stop on the way for an ice bath and shower.

They arrived in Mandeville, Louisiana, at 1:30 a.m., took a nap, and got up to run the Q50 50K, on Sunday, January 9, where she placed second (first Master), wearing the Neutral Trainer as the course that was one-third on road.

On Monday, the group of six returned home to Texas, then headed to Big Bend National Park, Texas, the next Saturday. At 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, January 16, McIntosh capped off the hectic but fun-filled week-long road trip with another impressive second-place finish.

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