Crowie Wins Again!

Crowie Wins Kona 2009

Proving once again that he can run down anyone, Crowie smoked the field in the marathon to win the 2009 Ford Ironman World Championships with a time of 8:20:21. Crowie came out of T2 in 10th place and more than 12 minutes behind the leader Chris Lieto. Digging deep and throwing down at 2:48 marathon, Crowie chased down such stars as Normann Stadler and Chris McCormack, broke away from Andreas Raelert at the Energy Lab, and passed Chris Lieto at mile 21 to go on to victory. The conditions were tough – hotter than hell and not a breeze to be found. It was an outstanding race – congratulations to all competitors!

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  • iwillnotbonk

    An AMAZING race to watch and one of the most exciting finishes to watch Crowie chase down Lieto as well as Chrissie Wellington go for the record!

    Inspiring in so many ways - not just to watch the amazing pro athletes, but for all the age groupers and those with amazing stories of what they had to overcome to get to the big island.

    Huge conrats to everyone that raced on the big island and thanks for the inspiration to get out there and train even harder for next year ;)

  • Anne Marie Colucci
    Anne Marie Colucci October 11, 2009 at 10:01 am

    Great job, you are awesome to watch!!!

  • Brandon Wood

    Leading up to Kona there were so many people (twitter and such) saying that Crowie wasn't going to take it. I guess when you're on top, people want to knock you down! Coming from 10th out of T2 to win is amazing and, as I have said many times before to friends and others that are annoyed by my constant praise of Newton (and Crowie), it is a testament to the efficiency and speed of Newton running.

    Congrats Crowie!!

  • Alex

    Brandon, I like the shoes but you can't give all of the credit to a pair of shoes. The guy is fast and would remain fast in almost any pair of shoes. He could probably kick your ass in high top Nike's. ;)

  • Tory

    Hey Alex,

    I'd agree with you - I think it's unquestionable that Craig would run really well in bare feet, but couple his efficient form with a shoe that offers localized shock absorption and complements the foot strike, and you have an athlete who is currently unbeatable. We're thrilled to have him running for us, not only for his athleticism, but for the fact that his personal ethics are second to none. Thanks for being a fan of the shoes and our athletes!


  • Brandon Wood

    Crowie is an incredible athlete, period. His prowess is due to hard work and smart racing/training which, if I'm not mistaken, at least partially involves those things on his feet. Nice comment though!


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