Monday Morning Inspiration-Winter Vinecki

Newton Running is incredibly proud to support Winter Vinecki and Athletes for a Cure.

A Gift For Winter from Athletes for a Cure on Vimeo.

This video project was a gift from an extremely talented Atlanta artist, James Mabery.

Ten-year-old Winter Vinecki has been competing in triathlons since she was 5 years old, but when her dad was diagnosed with prostrate cancer last year, the meaning behind her hobby changed completely. “I decided to use my talents to help him,” she explains. “I’m good at doing triathlons, so I could maybe bring a smile to his face.”

Together with her mother, she created Team Winter as part of Athletes for a Cure to help raise money to fight prostrate cancer. To date, the determined triathlete has raised $100,000 for the cause. Her father watches proudly every time Winter completes the mile swim, 25-mile bike ride and 26.2-mile run. “To have her finish,” he says, “it’s almost like I ran the race. Emotionally, it brings tears to my eyes every time I see her run.” Michael Vinecki lost his fight with prostate cancer on March 12, 2009 at the age of 40, but Winter never gives in. If you’d like to join Team Winter, create your own program or just pick one race for a reason this year, you’re one click away. REGISTER