Monday Morning Race Hangover – Weekend Results

Here’s the rundown on the Newton Pro Team weekend race results:

Stephen Hackett placed a solid 5th place in the unusually cool and wet Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon:

Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs – June 28, 2009
Results:  Top Five Men
1st Place- Paul Matthews  4:01.26
2nd Place – Leon Griffin  4:03.02
3rd Place – Simon Thompson  4:05.54
4th Place – Brandon Marsh  4:06.53
5th Place – Stephen Hackett  4:07.19
Story and full results are available here.

Michellie Jones continues to ride the speed train with a third place finish at IronGirl Atlanta:

IronGirl Atlanta – June 28, 2009
1st Place  – Mirinda Carfrae (AUS)  1:13:55
2nd Place – Pip Taylor (AUS)  1:14:56
3rd Place – Michellie Jones (AUS)  1:18:06
4th Place – Sam McGlone (CAN)  1:20:11
5th Place – Kate Major (AUS)  1:21:41
Complete results and story here.

Michael Simpson rounded out the weekend with another  Newton Running podium at the San Diego International Triathlon – finishing 3rd.

San Diego International Triathon – June 28, 2009
1st Place – Chris Foster  1:26.17
2nd Place – Luke Bell  1:26.44
3rd Place – Michael Simpson  1:29.21
4th Place – Clayton Fettel    1:31.14
5th Place – Nigel Cooper  1:31.52
Complete results here.

Good weekend of racing for the Newton pros. We’d love to hear your weekend results in the comments section!