Monday Race Hangover

Here's a quick roundup of races from Newton athletes over the weekend. As always, please share news about what races you completed in your Newtons in the past few days!

Chris Bagg took 2nd at the Xterra Solstice on Saturday, and his Distance racers, pictured below, took a beating in the wet cow pasture. muddynewtons

Brian Leib raced a Super Sprint Triathlon in Austin and placed 4th overall and 1st in his age group. He said it might have been the hardest 52 minutes of his life, but it was definitely worth it.

Helen Bij DeVaate won the Long Distance SABIC  Triathlon in Stein, becoming the Dutch champion and showing she is fully revovered from her 2009 season of injury.


Also a big congrats to Anne Klein, Newton's VP of Administration, who ran the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon on Saturday in Duluth, MN. She set a PR by 8 minutes over her previous best time.

3 thoughts on “Monday Race Hangover”

  • Lorie Tucker

    Dear Newton,
    I finished the Utah Valley Marathon on June 12th wearing my Newton Distance favorites. I smashed my PR by 17 minutes, missing my BQ by 53 seconds! I ran in rain and cold temperatures, and my feet never felt uncomfortable. I have been wearing Newtons for over two years and will never buy another brand of shoes for running. I love Newtons. They have changed my running gait and make me a RUNNER!

  • Clark

    Great going! Congratulations and kudos!


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