Monday Race Hangover

jefferson memorial

Murray rounds a corner with a great view of the Jefferson Memorial

Here is a quick weekly roundup of the recent accomplishments of Newton athletes. Hope you had as good a weekend as we did!

Ian Murray competed in the Olympic Distance SC Triathlon, his first tri since returning from Afghanistan. He finished 2nd in the 30-34 age group and 15th overall. His best part of the race was the run—he posted a 36:29 10k.

Roy Pirrung became the first American to finish the Ultrabalaton, a 212k race around Lake Balaton in Tihany, Hungary. Despite back spasms and falling off of his bike several times, he finished in 34 hours, an admirable feat.

Also a big congrats to Wendy Mader, who finished 2nd in last weekend's Boulder Sprint tri with a time of 1:18:11.

Any PRs for the rest of you this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Monday Race Hangover”

  • Ken Carlson

    I am a 50 year professor from Colorado State University who completed his first Ironman at CDA yesterday. The marathon would not have been possible without Newton's as my quads were pretty toasted after the bike. Running tough mentally but the shoes were a Godsend.

  • Sue Moote

    No PR's for me but my Newtons took me to a double header: 3rd place AG at Pacific Crest Half IM on Saturday and 1st place AG in the Olympic distance on Sunday


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