Newton at the Philadelphia ING Distance Race Expo

Here’s the latest from the Philadelphia ING Distance Race Expo….
Phili 001

Pictured is Yo Schmidt, Newton’s expo director, along with a Newton customer (sorry didn’t get his name) and Josh Cox.  Josh is in town to run the race as a workout in the middle of a 140-mile week.  Of course, he may still bang out a 1:05 in the half marathon!  Josh is working toward his peak for the season later in the year.  Josh’s training partner Ryan Hall, who is getting ready for the NYC Marathon on November 1, is also racing here in Philadelphia.  Will we see a Half Marathon American Record on Sunday, Ryan? Sure hope so…

A small group of Newton Running employees will be lining up Sunday to race as well.

UPDATE : As predicted, Ryan Hall won the race. Josh Cox ran a 1:05 for 6th place (not bad for a workout run). Newton pres Stephen Gartside ran an impressive 1:22:05 and our intern Anna Mosely finished in 1:31.  Race report here.