Sole of an Olympian

Posted by on Friday, July 25, 2008 @ 1:43 pm | 15 Replies

Check it out, I just got these shots from the product team at Newton….Sarah Haskins’ custom, special make-up shoe to wear at the Olympic Triathlon in Beijing.  It’s a Newton Distance in all-American red, white and blue colors.  Pretty sweet.

So, there are no plans to put this shoe into production….UNLESS, there is enough buzz and demand for it. Show your support and post a comment below.


15 thoughts on “Sole of an Olympian

  1. Pat Mason

    Red, White & Blue Newtons would be a hit. I’d be all over them. There are many people who love to have options with colors of shoes. I have no problem with your current colors, but I think you would have a broader appeal with these colors. Go USA!

  2. William

    I LOVE these shoes! I run everyday in my Newton’s Trainers. I am a very patriotic American and would love to wear USA colors everyday.

  3. Olternaut

    Holy Toledo! For the love of God please put these shoes INTO PRODUCTION! I’d actually buy them NOW and save them for next year’s spring. Please please please! What do you mean enough interest? I wished these were the colors of your original line!!

    I’ve bought 7 pairs so far and worn right through them all. I need them. Regardless though I still feel uncomfortable wearing your crazy colors. But THESE are BEAUTIFUL! Red white and blue. How can you beat that?

  4. Paul

    Please make this shoe!!!!! But you have to offer in the distance S as well…. Seriously this shoe would sell like hot cakes and furthermore I’m having a lot of trouble waiting for november to get here so I can get my hands on the aw….

  5. Brandon Wilson

    PLEASE put them into production ! I like the loud colors available already, but these would rock !

  6. Olternaut

    Can you please make a neutral shoe based on these exact colors? Expect me to formally request this again from an email. I WANT THESE for THIS SUMMER! And if that means you special order it for me so be it!

  7. Olternaut

    Here is a copy of an email I just sent newtonrunning:

    “Hello again. I would like request a special order for a custom shoe. Can you please make a NEUTRAL pair of warm weather training shoes using the same technology found in the MOTION AW?
    Furthermore (here is the custom part), could you please use the colors from the “sole of an olympian” blog post? I’m going to need a men’s size 12.5 and if you could….make the blue nice and dark.
    Red white and blue all the way! If this custom request means your going to have to charge me more then please go ahead and do so.

    Please make this happen for me? I really, really want to use those starting spring 2009. I await your reponse.
    Thank you so much. You guys are the best!”

    Please? I’ll order 2 pairs!

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