Three-Day Race Hangover (thanks to Boston)

At Newton HQ, the crew is recovering from an awesome week spent in Boston at the marathon. We met lots of terrific folks and had a blast at the Newton booth hanging out with Lorraine Moller and Josh Cox.

A big congrats goes to Newton’s new president, Stephen Gartside, who impressively finished his first Boston Marathon in 2:57! Danny Abshire, one of Newton’s co-founders, also raced and finished the marathon. Nice work gentlemen!

Around the globe, Newton’s pro team also had a great weekend.

First up was the Duathlon Elite National Championships in Birmingham, AL on Saturday, April 18th. On the women’s side, Jessica Jacobs led the women through the first run and never looked back. Her wire to wire win, earned her the title of Elite National Duathlon Champion. On the men’s side, in his first elite duathlon race, Guy Petruzzelli placed a respectable 6th place despite having some nutritional difficulties throughout the race. Congrats to both of these athletes on their great performances.

On the other side of the globe – the Ironman China event was being contested in Hainan China on April 19th. This event turned out to be one of the hottest Ironman events on record – with the mercury hitting levels above 110 degrees F. Despite having to ride a brand new bike out of the box due to his bike being lost in transit, Ironman Arizona Champion Jozsef Major endured the heat and took the final men’s podium slot in 3rd place. On the women’s side, Yvette Grice also gutted it out in the extreme conditions and placed a respectable 7th place in the women’s event.