Tuesday Race Hangover

Even though it is now Tuesday and we hope you have already recovered from your weekend of racing, we wanted to give you a quick recap of Team Newton’s results.


Craig Alexander (pictured left) placed third in the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon in 1:49:45.

Dev Paul got 16th in his age group Ironman France to qualify for Kona.

Tim Berkel got 2nd in Rhode Island’s Ironman 70.3 last Saturday improving upon his 5th place finish at the same race in 2008. He gave us an interesting recap involving a crash with a motorcycle:

“The bike course is a beautiful one-way journey towards Providence with undulating hills along the way. With a few kilometers to go before the end of the bike, I edged away from the group that contained Terenzo (eventual winner), Richie Cunningham, and Graham O’Grady. I might have only had about a 20 or 30 second lead on the main group, but it was enough to be out of their line of vision. As I was approaching the transition area, I had already taken my feet out of my shoes.

There was a photographer on the back of a motorbike in front of me as I was approaching the dismount line. I was alert and focused, but then the motorbike started to slow down. I was only coasting towards the line, but I needed to go around the slowing motorbike. Just as I was coming around the back of him, he swerved across the front of me to pull off the course, and I smashed into the back of his motorbike. I went head first over my handlebars and onto the pavement. I rolled my foot as I came down, and my bike and handlebars got scratched up a bit as well.

Coming out of the transition area and onto the run, I could feel a pain in my foot where I came down awkwardly from my crash. My race had been going quite well, and I was afraid that I was going to have to pull out because of my foot. Terenzo and the other boys were out in front of me, but I still had them in my sights.

After the first few kilometers the pain in my foot began to subside, but as we were heading into the second lap we got to a hill, and Terenzo put the hammer down. I kept him in my sight the rest of the run, but I just didn’t have enough energy to surge back to try to take back the lead. I crossed the line in second place, and I was only 50 seconds behind Terenzo.”

What races do you all have on tap for next weekend?

(photo credit: Kevin Coloton/Competitive Image)