Weekend Race Recap - IM China and Catalina Marathon

Last year at Ironman China, Hungarian triathlete and Newton pro team member, Jozsef Major, struggled through the race on a borrowed bike after his was lost in transit. This past weekend at the race in Haikou, China, Major was bent on redemption. Australian Luke McKenzie won the race and set a new course record, but Major combined the fastest bike split of the day with the second fastest run, to finish second overall. Congrats Jozsef! What a great start to the season!  Read a full recap here.

Also this weekend, Newton's very own Heather Fuhr (Ironman World Champion and a five-time Ironman USA winner), demonstrated her running prowess at the 33rd annual Catalina Marathon. Heather completed the 26-miles trail race in three hours and seven minutes, breaking the previous record of 3:15:20 set by Danelle Ballangee in 1997. Impressively, Fuhr placed third overall in this beautiful but tough trail marathon. Nice job Heather! More here.

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  • Steven Smith

    I recently picked up a pair of Newton neutral racers at local running store after a few weeks of research and from feedback from a couple of Newton athletes [Chris Legh, Craig Alexander & Josh Cox (by the way, I notice JC is not listed as a Newton athlete now?)]. I am already a mid-foot/fore-foot runner, so I really purchased the shoes because they are the only shoe I have ever found (NCAA runner + 12 years of post college competitive running) that actually have mid-foot cushioning without a chunky heel. Typically, I blow through a pair of racing flat/lightweight trainers in 100-220 miles because of my mid-foot strike/shoe's lack of mid-foot cushioning with most shoes. I can already tell I am impressed with the shoes after having shaved literally 10 seconds per mile off a team race last weekend, which I think is because my legs didn't experience the typical heaviness from repeated pavement pounding with typical shoes. I was able to keep pushing in the last mile of the 5K without pavement fatigued quads and calves. Awesome! Thanks for producing a great product--the most revolutionary I have seen in running shoes.


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