It's coming ... the Newton All-Weather Trainer


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  • amy

    when is the trail runner set to be available for order?

  • Adrian

    What date? going to buy them as soon the will be relast, it starting to get coold here in Sweden :)


  • ianadamson

    Danny Abshire and I are currently at our sample factory working on our spring releases including the trail shoe. We don't have a date yet, but expect March or April.

    Production orders have been placed for the winter shoes, so they should be available in a couple of months. Stay tuned on the website and blog for more information.

    We have been running 15 - 20 km a day on our spring sample shoes, on a variety of surfaces from surfaces and so far (about 1,000 km in) we are extremely happy with the performance.

  • Olternaut

    Ok well when is the all condition motion going to be available? Its October already! Its already getting chilly in the mornings here in New York and its going to go downhill weather-wise soon. I'm ready to order TWO pairs so as soon as I wear one out the next pair will be waiting.
    Hurry and get em ready! This is the first newtons where I actually don't feel embarassed about the color. I love your company and am also annoyed by it at the same time.

    You create the ONE shoe out of the whole industry that I am able run in and at the same time punish me by giving them crazy colors. The motions are actually pretty cool looking and I'm excited about ordering them.

    Perfection of function and form. Hurry dang nabbit my wallet is getting itchy!

  • Michael

    I love the colors that are currently out and actaully have to admit the look and color of the shoe is what first attracted me to buy a pair. Any man or woman who says the physical appearance isnt a factor in attraction would be lying. Although in the end its the fit and reliability that count :)

  • fishboy

    Can you posted some sneak peaks of the trail shoe?

  • Olternaut

    Its not that I don't trust you guys when it comes to colors........ok I don't trust you guys. Is that color in the motion prototype pics hot pink? Or is that a red?

    Can you confirm what the logo color for the motion is going to be for the Men's version? I'm assuming its really a red correct?


  • Sir Isaac

    Don't worry Olternaut. It's red :-)


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