Launching the Sir and Lady Isaac


We’re very excited, because this weekend Newton Running is launching its Sir and Lady Isaac Guidance Trainer at Ironman Louisville, Ironman Canada, and the Chicago Triathlon! This picture is from the race expo at Ironman Louisville, where our Newton Running team is having fun spreading the word about the new Guidance Trainer. Although it's humid here, race conditions are looking good.

Many US retailers will start stocking the Sir and Lady Isaac next week. Newton Running will also be at the Virginia Beach Half Marathon next weekend, Ironman Wisconsin over the following weekend, and the ING Philadelphia Distance Run later in September.  If you're nearby any of these events, stop on by to check out our new Sir and Lady Isaac Guidance Trainer, or just to say "Hi!"

5 thoughts on “Launching the Sir and Lady Isaac”

  • Sherry

    Very excited about the launch! Your shoes rock anyway, so I'm certain that the new trainers are going to be amazing!!!

  • Nate

    You guys need to put up more information about what these new trainers do ... and how they differ from your existing line. It's impossible to gather info. They look like a good product, especially for someone transitoning to forefoot running (like me) but I can't find much detailed info.

    • Sir Isaac

      Hi Nate-

      Thanks for your feedback. You can find more information about the Sir Isaac here: Please let us know if you have more questions.

  • Tim

    Hi Nate-
    I currently run in the Gravity neutral trainers, very happy with them as I am a supinator.

    1. since I already run in the Gravity neutral trainer (and based on my gait is the most appropriate shoe), would the Sir Isaac actually work for me, and how would the ride between the Gravity and Sir Isaac differ?

    2. would it be appropriate to wear both, just as a change-up to my feet?

  • Stefan Di Vincenzo
    Stefan Di Vincenzo December 31, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    Have two pairs of Newton Running Shoes: The All-Weather (black) and the Neutral Racer (Lime/Red). Upshot: Just awesome.

    Sick job. Big up's from Germany


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