New Spring 2010 Trainers are almost here!


They're almost here!

Our updated 2010 Performance Trainers are on the way to us and we're now taking pre-orders. Both the Gravitas Neutral Performance Trainer and the Motus Stability Performance Trainer feature an updated heel design with a new, highly durable outsole rubber, a new high-rebound midsole, an improved fit in the upper and of course, bright new colors! Order yours today and we'll get them to you by the end of the month!

Men's Gravity


Women's Gravity


Men's Motion


Women's Motion


10 thoughts on “New Spring 2010 Trainers are almost here!”

  • Sammy

    Those sure are "purdy"! :)))

  • ronnie

    Will they be available in Europe as well by the end of march?

  • Snowcialist

    Could it be? Will I be able to run again? I guess I'm going to find out. I just purchased a pair of Newton Motus' to see if the promise of the Lieberman study, and the anecdotal reports from the barefoot/VFF devotees is true. I have now run a few times in my Saucony Stabil's that I keep around mostly for nostalgia and tried to employ a forefoot striking stride. My forth run went for more than 30 minutes because it was too good to stop. And aside from the expected soreness in my calfs and a little twinge in my left knee, I felt great. No debilitating ITB syndrome, no punishing right knee pain, and more importantly, no excruciating low back pain the next day. I was so encouraged, I did 11 minutes barefoot, but would not have believed you could blister so much of your foot.

    For 15 years, my principal outlet was running. But as a confirmed long stride heel striker, by age 30, I had damaged my right foot and knee so badly that I was done with running and have basically been on the bike ever since. According to the orthopaedist, my right arch collapsed causing excessive movement and misalignment in my right leg. Even walking 18 holes became impossible. Since then, I have used foot beds in, or Birkenstocks as every shoe (including ski boots and bike shoes) and never, ever went barefoot. Over the past 18 years that has turned out to be quite therapeutic as I seem to have much better alignment. So after reading the research and reports, I have started doing foot strengthening exercises and am ready to be reborn as a forefoot striking runner.

    My plan is to use the Newton as my primary trainer, and mix in barefoot sessions as a check on my form. My father basically ran through his feet, and has only been able to get walking pain free in the past few years. I am glad and hopeful that with Newton's, I will be able to incorporate healthy and constructive running back into my life. It can be just too difficult as someone with responsibilities to find the 2-3 hours necessary to get a good weekday workout on the bike.

    My early experience tells me this is going to work. Thanks for what your doing and for evangelizing natural running.

  • Sean Wetstine

    These things look COOL & FAST! Can't wait to hit the road wearing these season! :)

  • [...] expos in LA and Atlanta will be the first opportunity see (and/or purchase) our new Performance Trainers. In fact, if you come by our booth and try on a pair of new shoes, and say the code words [...]

  • Rob Stuart

    What is the heel-toe offset (2-3mm?) of the Gravitas?

  • Robert Stuart

    Is the new trail shoe primarily marketed, like the Sir Isaac, for those new to forefoot running. I was just wondering if you might later come out with a performance trail shoe?

    • Sir Isaac

      Hi Robert,

      The new trail shoe is designed for anyone, not just those new to forefoot running. It shares many characteristics with the Isaac in order to increase durability. Let us know if you have any other questions!

      Run Strong,
      Sir Isaac

  • Patti

    Any new shoes coming out Spring 2011?


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