Alex Johnson Wins Ironman Entry

2007blackwatertraverse3Here’s a note from our first Ironman entry winner Alex. We’ve got another entry to give away this summer-stay tuned for the next contest!

“Many thanks to Newton for the IM slot!  In 2008, I was injured all year and didn’t get to race at all.  This year I have been slowly working my way back into shape and was planning to be racing sprints only, but obviously my plans have changed somewhat due to IM Florida on the horizon!

I didn’t really get started with any type of fitness activity until I was almost 30 years old (circa 1994).  I was living in Salt Lake City, and tired of my sedentary lifestyle, started running for fitness.  I started competing in local races and enjoyed the gradual improvement I was seeing with my running.  A coworker talked me into trying multi sport and my first  triathlon was in the fall of 1998, a short local sprint race done on a mountain bike.  I was intrigued enough to try a couple more the following Spring and once I bought a used road bike and finished a couple of International distance races that summer, I was hooked.

I moved to Upstate New York in 2005 and have managed to keep up the training despite the vastly different training conditions from Salt Lake City.  In 2006 I had the race of my life in Montreal at the Esprit Triathlon, finishing second overall at just under 10 hours.

My  favorite race distance is probably the 1/2 IM but I have done no long distance races since 2006.  It will be interesting jumping back to the iron distance this year, somewhat unexpectedly.  I chose IM Florida since it was the easiest logistically for me to attend and also gave me the most time to prepare.”

Good Luck Alex!