T-2 Is a Natural Fit for Natural Running

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Every triathlete knows that the transition from bike to run is a beast. After hours of being hunched over the handlebars with the legs spinning, trying to regain uprightness and establish a running rhythm is a “make it or break it” for most racers. There are several reasons why Newton Running shoes and Newton Natural Running Form can make T-2 feel Natural.

Getting off of the bike, the hamstrings and hip flexors are going to be tight. This is only a problem if you try to run with a long stride. If you take short quick steps that mimic your cycling cadence, there is far less adjustment. Newton Running Shoes are built on a level platform to help you land under the center of mass instead of loading the foot out in front of the body. They have an external forefoot technology, the lugs, that sit on top of a stretch membrane which store and release energy. This helps tired legs get off the ground and keeps the cadence high. If the athlete can find reasonable upright posture and commit to a nice forward lean, they will return to using the large efficient hip flexors to lift the thigh. This becomes a “controlled fall”, letting gravity do the work.

The toe box of a Newton Running shoe is nice and wide making room for the foot to spread, even if a little swollen. Having room for the foot to spread is very important when trying to run efficiently. Only when the foot is able to spread will the passive energy of the stretched connective tissue in the longitudinal and transverse arch recoil. This elastic recoil does not require effort, and will replace the need to push off. Most triathletes will reach a point of total fatigue of their glutes. The glutes are responsible for stabilization of the pelvis in the stance phase of the running gait. The quicker a runner can stabilize in the stance phase the less the gluts have to work. Newton Running shoes have a firm plate under the ball of the foot that greatly improves afferent feedback or the ability to feel the ground. The quicker a runner can feel the ground, the quicker they can stabilize in stance phase and the less they tax those fatigued glutes.

Getting off the bike in your next race can be a much more natural transition with Newton Running shoes and Newton Natural Running Form, it’s simple physics!


56 thoughts on “T-2 Is a Natural Fit for Natural Running

  1. Melissa

    Great article, luv my newtons- really helped me with fatigue during my ironman last year and have had no hip or knee pain since switching over to newtons.

  2. Tim Behrens

    I have been going back and forth about making the switch to Newtons. I tried the on about 7 times. The wide foot box is appealing as is the opportunity to relieve some glute stress is the last nail in the coffin. I’m buying them on the way home tonight!

  3. Andre de Castilho

    Since I’ve switched to Newton’s my T2 transitions have been sooo smooth. Racing and training with my Distance S has allowed me to feel “Natural”.

  4. Christine

    Only the best running shoes ever! Look forward to running in them in my next 70.3 and 26.2!

  5. Helen

    After wearing stability shoes for 10 years of running and triathlons I am excited to see how the NEWTONS will help me for my next half ironman in October. I have been using them for shorter runs so far and I feel that my cadence is getting quicker and my stride a little shorter which was my goal. Will see how it works out on race day :)

  6. Jarrod McGee

    Allowing for greater stability of the pelvis not only increased my efficiency and speed, but virtually eliminated low back tightness as well. Love my Newtons! I even do my gym work in ‘em. Thanks! :D

  7. Daniel

    Agreed! My running speed off the bike has come very close to my open running race speed since switching to Newtons!

  8. Kyle

    Now if Newtons could only help with my swim time….

    Great article and very interesting to hear how natural running affects so much more than we think of at first.

  9. Noah

    I’m a recent Newtonian — just purchased pairs of Gravity and Distance. After only a couple of runs I’m a convert. I’ve been running in minimal shoes for a while now, so my running form is pretty good. But I had a bad experience wearing a pair in a recent 1/2 Iron race, as I guess my form fell apart and I ended up with a big bruise on the bottom of my left foot. Newtons seem like the answer – for natural running, but still giving enough cushioning. Can’t wait to see how they feel out of T2 on my next 1/2 Iron in 3 weeks.

  10. Monty gossett

    Newtons allow you to take shorter strides off the bike that is like the cadence of the action of the bike. These short strides save your glutes ,and makes for a faster switch from bike to run,I also believe it reduces chances of cramping due to sudden change on mussel use after prolonged use in one activity.

  11. Robert

    I’ve been using Newtons since they first came out and have found them to be very helpful on the run segment of the longer distance events. Newtons helped me get my first Kona slot in 2008.

  12. Gary Netherland

    Great article. I love my newtons and I had a great experience in them at IMAZ last November.

  13. Alex Paul

    I started using Newtons in January of this year. Since then I have been in love with them. I ran National Marathon in the Spring using my Distancia and finished with a Marathon PR of 3:22. When I first saw Craig Alexander’s natural running form during the World Champiomships I knew right then my first Ironman would be ran using Newtons. I recently completed the 2011 Ironman Lake Placid using the Newton Distancia. They were again perfect. The shoes are so great in that you are constantly reminded based on their design of maintaining perfect form with every stride. I recommend Newtons to all my friends who complain of running injuries or just want to have a better running experience.

    P.S. I hope I win the 2011 Ironman Wisconsin Entry :-)

  14. Ben

    As the article says, “it’s simple physics” and similar to the principles that has caused many to adopt the unique bike frame geometry (steeper seat tube angle). Love my Newtons!

  15. Joe

    Newtons and natural running have been a godsend for a bow legged heel striker like myself. since switching shoes and running gaits, I have been running relatively pain free and much faster!

  16. Brian

    “controlled fall” is more than accurate. Gravity is a welcome resource come mile 16+, the lugs helped me avoid overstriding by “finding” the ground sooner than my weary muscles were aiming for, keeping the forward lean (well, at least some of it) from disappearing. Just kept thinking lift the knees and fall, lift the knees and fall.

  17. Philip Dudley

    Awesome article, I love letting gravity do the work!!! Newts make it much easier getting off the bike. Great shoes, Great people, Great product!!!

  18. Mike S.

    I’ve been running in Newton’s for a few years now. I’ve been injury free since I switched. Also, I started running with a Garmin foot pod which reports cadence. My cadence is right around 90 rpm when I run in my Newtons. But I my two favorite things about my Newtons: 1) the wide toe box, 2) I’ve never had a blister.

  19. Scott Taylor, DPM

    Many times when exiting T2 I have cramped within the first mile of the run when overstriding…certainly the electrolytes have something to do with it I realize. But since I have switched to Newtons and a midfoot strike, I find the transition to be much smoother and without the cramping. I was able to manage a 7:06 split for the first 9 miles of the 2010 Ironman Florida run. Even though I am now 42, I am still setting new PR’s in marathon and Ironman distance triathlon thanks to the midfoot strike and Newton shoes. I couldn’t be any more pleased with the lack of injury, faster times, less post-race soreness and reduced fatigue at the end of races. Newton has made a HUGE difference in my racing! Thanks!

  20. Fabian Carmona

    I ran my best Ironman Marathon so far 2 months ago in Woodlands TX. wearing my newton racers i got just the day before as a gift from my girlfriend trying to convince me of the benefits of the shoes. The swelling in my feet didn’t feel as usual and running falling flat-ball was just easy following the natural method. The natural method allows the runner to make small faster steps, making it easier just as the article mentions. One day before the Ironman I would brag I’d run in whatever shoes you gave me. When I asked the lady at the expo if it would be a good idea to run in my newtons for the Ironman she said…”ok you already run like you had newtons, but i wouldn’t recommend that”… Ok, against all rules I decided to experiment and run in them… the result: I ran my fastest marathon ever, and feeling great all the way. My feet felt better than ever. No blisters, no pain at all. The day after I got the blue trainers.

  21. Dr. Chris

    Excellent article for many reasons. Not only will the proper running form help your transition, it will also help reduce the likelihood of injury. This article is consistent with all of the advice currently being given about proper cadence, proper stride length, and all other aspects of good form running.

  22. Scott Wilkinsion

    I cannot say enough about this company. I had been a competetive for years before I bought my first pair of Newtons in 2007 and since then I have had fewer injuries, my times have dropped and I have improved my running form dramatically. Looking forward to buying a pair of T-2′s to use in my 70.3 and 140.6 races this year!

  23. Gary Krienitz

    I was an over-strider for years. It took me months of training in the newtons to become a mid-foot striker. I had to think about every stride I took for months. It was little draining to say the least. I destroyed the heels of my first pair. Shoe Goe was the only thing that saved them. It just clicked one day from newly developed muscle memory. I lowered my marathon time from a 3:47 to a 3:16:57. On the same course. Yes, I just missed qualifying for Boston. That Sucked. I recover much quicker following long runs. I also don’t have rip hip pain associated with over striding. Also my bike to run transition in the Ironman has become a lot easier with the shorter stride and higher turn over rate. Thank You Newton.

  24. Jeremy

    I was a middle of pack runner until last year. After reading about natural running I decided to give it a try and picked up a pair of Newton Sir Issacs. Not only did my times improve (30′+ PR and Boston Qualifier marathon), but my nagging knee and foot discomfort subsided.

  25. robin zimpel-fontaine

    After reading the article, I am eager to try Newtons to see how natural running can smooth the transition from the bike to the run. I would love to have the opportunity to do this at Ironman Wisconsin (wink wink nudge nudge).
    Thanks for the article. It was an education and I look forward to ordering and trying my first pair of Newtons.

  26. Beth Crepeau

    Everyone should try natural running. It can and will change the way you think about running forever.

  27. Paula heron

    I love my Newton’s! I ran 45 miles during a 27 hour triathlon for the 27 million people enslaved. Orange represents freedom and not only was my run comfortable after the 163 mile bike but the bright orange shoes rocked! Thanks Newton for helping in the fight against human trafficking.

  28. fernando acaso

    Ive never felt so good running after t2, no tingling sensation and my toes were thanking me so goodbye nike and hello newton, the last shoe I will ever wear!!

  29. Chris Laird

    Raced for the 1st time in Newtons at last weekends Denver Triathlon, had a great race & much faster 10k than expected.

    Every Ironman & half that i have done i have photos showing terrible hip drop – a product of total glute fatigue – it didn’t happen in this weekends 10k & i will be very interested to see if it happens in longer run legs in Newtons.

  30. Ben Fuqua

    I love that the Newton shoes use physics, as stated in the article, to let me use the energy I trained hard to earn to run more efficiently and not waste energy pounding my feet for hours! I love Newtons and will never buy another brand, already converted my whole family and most my friends!!!

  31. Garett schreier

    My Newton Distance S has made a huge difference in my transitions and my shift to natural running. I no longer have pain in my knees or soreness in my quads. Continue to improve my PR’s on regular basis. Has completely transformed my run form.

  32. Chris A

    I have bounced back and forth on the Newtons and def have to break my time in them slowly. But they feel great when my form is dialed in. Thought my feet were maybe too narrow for what seemed like a lot of room in there, but actually felt great as is. Need to get another pair soon.

  33. Stacy

    My husband bought me Newtons 3 years ago when I first started running (yes, off the couch to running), and since then my Newtons have seen me through 3 marathons and 3 Ironman triathlons (FL, KY, TX). Great shoes can help with more than transition times!

  34. robin zimpel-fontaine

    I lost the toenail on my right big toe during this past weekend’s IM Lake Placid. I was not wearing Newtons. The larger toe box that Newtons offers sounds like it could have prevented this problem. I am definitely giving these a try.

  35. JJ Neely

    Not only have Newtons helped my running form, they have allowed me to be injury free so I can train and race to achieve personal bests.

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