The Problematic Cross-Over Gait pattern. Part 2

Here Dr. Shawn Allen of The Gait Guys further discusses this gait problem in running form. The Cross-over gait is a product of gluteus medius and abdominal weakness and leaves the runner with much frontal plane hip movement, very little separation of the knees and a "cross over" of the feet, rendering a near "tight rope" running appearance where the feet seem to land on a straight line path. In Part 2, Dr. Allen will discuss a more detailed specific method to fix this. You will see this problem in well over 50% of runners. This problem leads to injury at the hip, knee and foot levels quite frequently.


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  • Jared Chartrand
    Jared Chartrand November 9, 2011 at 4:35 am

    I'm curious as to how this works at-pace. Specifically, during the flight-phase of the run (where both feet are off the ground), how does one keep the glute engaged on the side that has just completed creating the propulsion? Is it more about keeping the core engaged on the foot that is landing?
    I guess I'm looking for ways to replicate this drill but incrementally adding more speed and eventually getting into an actual run.


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