Newton heads to Belize with One World Running

Newton Running VP of Administration & Sustainability Anne Klein recently had the chance to travel with One World Running (OWR) on a service trip to Belize. One World Running is an international organization that promotes an awareness of health, fitness and nutrition by providing running shoes to those in need around the world. Anne took her goddaughter Laura on the trip to participate in giving shoes to impoverished children.

Below are the first two of Anne’s OWR Postcards sent while in Belize:

One World Running Postcard #1

Today was such an amazing day with One World Running that I wanted share some pictures with Newton. We gave away hundreds of shoes today to kids from 13 local schools and their families. Kids arrived with paperwork from their school to help organize the shoe distribution – without this the entire town would show up and it would be very chaotic (they know from experience!).

Kids stand in line and then enter the school room and sit on chairs lined up just like our expos. The OWR volunteer who is working with the child guestimates the shoe size and tells their partner volunteer what size to get, The volunteer partner grabs a couple options from the makeshift storage area we created in the back of the school, behind the OWR banners. Many kids come in barefoot and the fitting can take several rounds. Once a fit is made and the kiddos have their shoes they exit the classroom, pick up a t-shirt (Mike Sandrock gathers leftover tech tops from all the local races) and their race number (donated by the Bolder Boulder) for the  5k race which will take place on Wednesday morning.

It is a lot like our expo work!

So may smiles and beautiful faces. It is an amazing experience!

One World Running Postcard #2

Some favorite images from today’s work with two different schools. The video illustrates how meaningful something that we take for granted — shoes — can be to the kids we’re helping. Also attached two photos of proud recipients of Newtons!


One World Running Making an Impact in Belize from Newton Running on Vimeo.