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  • Newton pro triathlete, Rachel Joyce, talks about her win at Challenge Roth

  • 2012 Bolder Boulder Recap

    Each Memorial Day since 1979 has welcomed to Newton Running's hometown the Bolder Boulder 10K. This past Monday was no exception with more than 50,000 people lining up to run 6.2 miles through the streets of Boulder, finishing at CU Boulder's Folsom Field.

    Among those running the race this year were Newton Running VP and CFO Anne Klein and Rich Miyamoto. Also joining them were Newton Running Lab rockstar athlete Steve Johnson, Ironman expo madman Scott Burrow and founder of Team Winter, Winter Vinecki. After breaking the tape in first place in the Citizen's Race last year, Team Alchemy's Jeremy Freed was racing in the men's professional field.

    As in races before, a friendly wager was made between Newton marketing coordinator and Team Alchemy member Kara Henry and CFO Rich. Kara didn't learn from Rich's prior sandbagging and bet-winning ways and put her money on Rich not being able to run a sub-10 minute per mile pace for the race. Rich wound up blowing away expectations with a blazing 9:30 pace while being supported by Anne. Finding herself on the losing end of this bet Kara is now required to wear a customized shirt for a week culminating with some of her (in)famous karaoke stylings. Pictures and laughs to come.

    Team Alchemy's Jeremy Freed, running for Team Colorado in a deep men's professional field, finished in 16th place with a time of 31:32. The Newton Running Lab's Steve took the win in his age group with a blazing 33:57 (5:27/mile) and Scott, while filming a lot of the race (video coming soon), pulled off an awesome 44:53. Founder of Team Winter, Winter Vinecki, went out and crushed the race in a time of 46:15; taking fourth in her division.

    With a huge crowd in town for the race, the weather here in Boulder was absolutely perfect for the expo in the days leading up to the race that took over the Pearl Street mall.  The whole Newton crew pitched in between chatting with the friendly faces at our booth on the mall and being hands on in the Newton Running Lab. Here's to a great race and many more to come!

  • Join Team PC at the SOLD OUT Vineman 70.3 Triathlon!

    You probably know that we here at Newton Running are big fans of supporting prostate cancer research. Well, while we're not really affiliated with Team PC, we think what they're doing is awesome and HUGELY important! To top it off Team PC has spots open for the SOLD OUT Vineman 70.3 Triathlon this coming July 15th! This is a super high-profile event and lots of triathletes consider it something of a pilgrimage to be able to race it.

    So, how do you get in? Here are the deets:

    Benefits for all Endurance Team Participants:

    • The minimum fundraising is $1000 which includes FREE entry into the event.
    • Supportive group of teammates
    • Your own personal fundraising website
    • The opportunity to make your fitness goals a reality in this great event
    • Travel reimbursement of $500 (for those who raise more than $4,000)
    • ZERO sponsored Pre-Race or Post-Race Lunch/Dinner for the fundraiser and a guest (to be chosen by participants) to be chosen by the participants.



    These are guaranteed slots into the event.  Contact info below for additional information.  It is truly for a great cause!


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