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  • A Runner’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions


    1. Know that most New Year’s resolutions fail. So go easy on yourself. The best way to succeed is to choose some small goals to achieve throughout the year.

    2. Make your goal concrete, not something nebulous like I’d like to improve my time this year or get better at running. Be specific. If you want to improve your time, then set a specific goal of exactly how fast you want to run. Or how many seconds or minutes you want to drop off your time. 3. Pick a race. The easiest way to succeed at following through on a running goal is to set a goal. Choose an event. But make sure it’s far enough out to give yourself time to adequately train for it.

    4. Lacking motivation to race? Mix it up. Change your distance or location. Race a 10K instead of a half marathon. How about racing in New York City if you’re a small town runner, or at sea level if you’re a mountain runner. Or go international and visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

    5. Need an even bigger challenge? Take on the World Marathon Majors: Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City. Of course, this may cover a few years of New Year’s goals if you’re not (like many of us) racing full time.

    6. Okay, maybe running isn’t the problem. If you tend to just run, run, run, then commit this year to mixing it up more by adding weight training, swimming, cycling or even yoga to your routine. You’ll likely see improvements in your running by trading out a running workout for another form of fitness. As for the yoga, it will help keep your muscles flexible as you age, which is critical for staying off injury.

    7. Hydrate. Yup. This should be a no brainer. We know that coffee is tempting, but it’s probably safe to say that most of us could benefit from drinking more water. Your body will thank you. The old rule of eight glasses a day is still a good starting point.

    8. Eat more chocolate. Life can’t be all work and running. Okay, after you hydrate, a little piece of dark chocolate a day is actually good for you. Studies have shown that it’s good for your heart, brain, circulation, and full of antioxidants, which help battle free radicals, aging and even disease.

    9. Sleep more. Why not try to get to bed before 10pm more often. Sleep is critical for your body to rejuvenate. In fact, recent studies have actually shown that during our sleep the neural system actually “scrubs” the brain and removes toxins while we sleep. Sleep is also critical to retaining information. Basically, we feel better and our brains work better with sleep.

    10. Smile more when you run. Sometimes it’s hard to tell by the grimaces on our faces that we actually like to run. Many of us even love to run. Show it and let your smile be contagious to others. Maybe it will encourage them to start running, too.

  • Newton's Goal: $100,000 for a Prostate Cancer Cure at Ironman Canada

    Need an entry to the sold out 2010 Subaru Ironman Canada? Well you just might be in luck. Newton will be offering 25 VIP entry spots in exchange for a 3,000 dollar donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Benefits of becoming a member of Team Newton include:

    -Entry into the sold-out Subaru Ironman Canada
    -VIP entry to Ironman Canada events
    -Access to the designated Team Newton Running race transition area
    -Pre-race BBQ
    -One pair of Newton Running Performance Trainers and one pair of Performance Racers
    -Team Newton Running cycling kit and race kit
    -One pair of limited edition PCF Performance Racers

    Prostate Cancer is a very important cause for Newton because co-founder Jerry Lee is a prostate cancer survivor himself. Check out his video below:

    There will also be limited edition, blue and green PCF Newton Running Performance Racers for sale at the Subaru Ironman Canada race expo and also as a limited-release model in August 2010, and a portion of each sale will be donated to the PCF.

    You can also donate to the PCF directly through Newton's team website.

  • Giving Away an Ironman/Ironman 70.3 Entry


    We're giving away another Ford Ironman/Ironman 70.3 entry (valued at $200-$525). Click here to find out more.

  • 2009 Holiday Running Gift Giveaway Winner


    Congrats to Rosanne Morrison of Rockford, IL who won our free shoe drawing last week!

    Rosanne says:
    "Thank you and your company for this great giveaway. I have needed a high level pair of running shoes for a while-mine are 3 years old!. With the help of your website I was able to pick the perfect shoe for my particular problem. Thank you so much." - Rosanne Morrison

    We're drawing another name for free shoes this Friday and another next Friday. Grand prize is a free trip to Boulder! See rules for the contest here.

  • We're giving away a free entry to an Ironman race ($525 value)


    Newton Running is giving away a free entry to a 2009 Ironman race.  No purchase is necessary, just click here and fill out the form.

    Quick Details:

    • Free entry to one of the following :
      -Ford Ironman Louisville
      -Ford Ironman Wisconsin
      -Ford Ironman Florida
      -Ford Ironman Arizona
    • Winner is responsible for travel and other related expenses
    • Valued at $525
    • Entry limited to 1 per person
    • US residents only
    • Winner will be drawn on May 10

    Good Luck!

  • Heading to the Great Lakes Multi-Sport Expo

    expo_headupprIf you live in the Midwest and you're looking for a way to escape the brutally cold temperatures, consider checking out the Great Lakes Running and Multi-Sport Expo.  Newton sales guru Tom Curran will be there with our retail partner, Runner's High 'N Tri, which by the way, was proudly the first store in the country to carry the Newton line. It sounds like a great weekend with five keynote speakers including Frank Shorter, lots of giveaways, 150 exhibitors, tech demos, a 5k race and a team bicycle time trial.

    The first 30 people that buy a pair of Newton shoes at the event will get a free hat or visor. Stop by and say hello!

    The event takes place at the Wisconsin State Fair Exposition Center from 9am-8pm on Saturday and 9am-3pm on Sunday.

    As they say on the Expo website, "What are YOU doing in the middle of winter?"

  • "In Love with a Shoe" - Win FREE Shoes Contest

    An email from Newton customer Cassy D. showed up in Sir Isaac's inbox just before the Labor Day weekend. In the email Cassy included the lyrics to a song she wrote about her Newtons. This is definitely the most fun, creative testimonial we've received yet...and Sir Isaac wants to celebrate with a little contest. Read the lyrics below and then I'll tell you about the chance to win FREE Newtons.

    Ode to my Newton Training Shoes
    (To the tune of Gavin De Graw's song “In Love With A Girl")

    If you don't know the tune, here's the video.

    So many shoes gonna look like they want you,
    Try to get you thinking they’re really fast.
    But there's nothing like the fit of the one that has put in the time
    And you know its gonna be there.

    Back your forefoot when no other shoe does it,
    Don't let nobody slow you down, when your fast.
    There’s no pain in protecting your pace,
    From the 5 to the Tri to the runners high.

    I'm in love with a shoe who knows me better,
    Fell for the color just when I met her.
    Took my sweet time when I was at the store,
    Newton understands...

    And you know how to treat my toes right,
    Not too loose and not too tight.
    Helps me to soar when I’m in flight.
    Newton understands me.

    I'm in love with a shoe (I'm in love with).
    I'm in love with a shoe (I'm in love with).

    Out the many aching arches and squashed toes,
    Through the valley of the love of the mesh,
    Is a support that is there for the soles,
    Falling down on the road without leaving any down lows.

    But you're high from the ride of a lifetime.
    The moment was over too fast,
    Then its home to plan the next run,
    The shoes will have a long life.

    I'm in love with a shoe who knows me better,
    Fell for the color just when I met her.
    Took my sweet time when I was at the store,
    Newton understands...

    And you know how to treat my toes right,
    Not too loose and not too tight.
    Helps me to soar when I’m in flight.
    Newton understands me.

    I'm in love with a shoe (I'm in love with).
    I'm in love with a shoe (I'm in love with).

    So, I want to hear Cassy's song sung! I'll award a free pair of the Newton shoes to the person who posts the best video of Cassy's "Ode To My Newtons."

    It's simple enough - shoot a video of you or your friend singing the song, post it to YouTube and then share the link in the comments section below. The more creative, the better! The contest will run for the next two weeks and then I'll announce the winner here.

    Let's hear it!

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