Winter Gear: Extras that make a difference

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It’s true. All you really need to run is a pair of shoes. For that reason, it’s hard not to like the simplicity of the sport. But in reality, it is nicer to run in running apparel than say jeans. And as the temps dip in the winter, there are some items, thermal tights for instance, that can make your run that much more enjoyable. We’ve put together this package of winter-friendly products for those runners who are willing to venture out when sitting by a fire with hot chocolate is oh so tempting. Receive 20% off on each item. Free 2-day shipping is available with a purchase of $118.99 or more.

m-winter w-winter


Terra Momentum, $149

Slip these shoes on if you’re heading off-road into the winter wonderland or if you need a little extra traction on urban paths. The Momentum offers highly responsive cushioning on a lightweight platform.

Firewall 180 Jacket, $140

You can brave the elements in the Firewall. This lightweight, front-zip jacket is made with a thermal knit laminate for wind and rain protection. Lycra cuffs keep wind and rain out, while one back-zip pocket and two front hand pockets will hold your phone or keys tight.

Mid Zero Tight, $70

This form-fitting tight is made with thermal fleece to keep you warm and cozy no matter wear your feet take you.


A Holiday Salute

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To Our Military, Police & Firefighters

To our military, police and firefighters, we salute you. Words cannot express how much we appreciate what you do. In recent years, we’ve been through our share of fires in our own backyard here in Colorado. We have watched as firefighting squads have fought around the clock to save lives, homes and land. This year, the fires were followed by the flood — 17 inches of rain in just a few days, when Boulder County’s annual average is just 20.7 inches. As damage spread across an almost 200-mile range covering 17 counties, we were in trouble. Relief came as Army and National Guard soldiers were brought in to help. What a mess we were in and how much we appreciated your efforts in search-and-rescue operations and flood relief and recovery. We know that hard work continued long after the rains stopped.

This is just Colorado. Across the country, our men and women of service work hard to keep our homes, communities and children safe. From Hurricane Katrina, to the Boston Marathon tragedy, you were there. And, there are those of you who aren’t at home. You’ve been stationed abroad once, twice, perhaps many times. You’ve sacrificed time with loved ones and friends to protect our country, to protect others and to help rebuild global communities. Your work makes the world a better place.

We also recognize that our men and women of service represent some of the toughest and strongest athletes around. Sure, people love to get out and do a Tough Mudder race or a Warrior Dash, but try doing those events year round, in bitter winter conditions or without warning or notice. Floods and fires aren’t planned, catastrophes don’t happen on cue. While many of us covet our daily routine, our eight hours of sleep, healthy meals, and workouts, you just keep doing what you do.

In support of our military, firefighters and police offers, Newton Running offers special discounts and promotions for members of the United States military, state and local police and fire departments and their families. To qualify, simply go to our community military page and provide proof of military status or current employment. A “.mil” or “.gov” email address counts as proof of status. It’s easy to do. On top of this discount, we’re also offering 20% off on these select items, inspired of course, by you:military

Terra Momentum, $149

An all-terrain shoe, the Terra Momentum serves as an everyday base-training shoe from roads to technical trails. Lightweight, yet cushiony, this shoe is ready for action. And we know you’re sayin’, “bring it!”

Camo Mid Height Compression Sock, $15

We know, you’re wary of the hot pink and lime green. They’re not the stuff that stealth is made of. That’s why we made these for you.

Newton Race Hats by Headsweats, $20

Everyone needs a hat, whether to run in or to be incognito every once in awhile. Made with an adjustable clip in back, this hat is made with Coolmax and nylon, which means it’s lightweight, breathable, and fast drying rain or shine.

Whether you’re home or abroad, we hope this helps to make this holiday season a little brighter. Thank you again for all that you do.


Training Day with Michellie Jones

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Australia’s Michellie Jones is one of the most decorated female triathletes in the world. She won two ITU World Championships (1992 and 1993), a sliver medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and a world championship at the 2006 Hawaii Ironman.

Jones lives in Carlsbad, California, works for Ideal Saddle Modification and is a Newton Running-sponsored athlete. This video by Competitor TV follows Jones as she prepares for the 2011 racing season.


Monday Race Hangover

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Here in Boulder we had a rainy weekend but still pulled off a successful Natural Running Symposium on Saturday evening and form clinic in a downpour next to the raging Boulder Creek on Sunday morning. Soon we will have video footage available for those who could not attend. The weekend proved successful for Newton athletes as well.

Six days after winning REV 3 Quassy, Craig Alexander grabbed another win at the Boise IM 70.3. Despite nasty cramps, he came over the finish line with in an exciting finish with only 10 seconds to spare. Tim Berkel placed 3rd and had the fastest run amongst the top 5.

2010 Rev 3 Quassy

Look at that perfect form!

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All Things Newton in Kona

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KonaAloha from Kona! Team Newton is representing in Hawaii, supporting all of the Newton pros and age-groupers training and racing in the Ironman World Championships this week.

For those of you in Kona, here are some Newton activities and events to check out:

Slowtwitch Lounge

Defending World Champion Craig Alexander will be on hand signing autographs on Tues., Wed., and Thurs. afternoons.

Newton Boothlocated at St Michael’s on Allii Dr.

On Tues., from 6-7 pm Craig and Natascha Badmann will sign autographs at the booth

On Wed,. from 3-4 pm Michellie Jones will sign autographs

At the Expo we’ll also be selling special Crowie ‘evolution’ t-shirts and Newton tribal socks. Proceeds will go to support the St. Michael’s drug rehab program.Picture 1

We’re also creating a special commemorative book from the 2009 Ironman World Championships and we’re asking all of the Newton tribe to come and sign the book. We’re hoping to get photos and signatures from everyone wearing Newtons in the race!

For those of you at home, be sure to go to Itunes and download the Crowie Backstage App for your Iphone. Very cool behind the scenes photos, updates and insight on Crowie’s training and racing.

Here are the Newton sponsored athletes we’ll be cheering on:

Craig ALEXANDER                             BIB #1                   PRO MALE
Natascha BADMANN                      BIB #120               PRO FEMALE
Michellie JONES                                BIB #121               PRO FEMALE
Jozsef MAJOR                                   BIB #39                 PRO MALE
Pete JACOBS                                      BIB #161               PRO MALE
Jessica JACOBS                                  BIB #145               PRO FEMALE
Tatiana VERTIZ                                  BIB #1872            Female 18-24
Hans MUELBAUER                           BIB #172               Male 25-29
Jason TUFFS                                       BIB #1089            Male 35-39

…and of course all the age-group triathletes who have worked so hard to get here! Best of luck to all of you!

We’ll try to post more from Kona later this week….


Monday Race Hangover

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The Newton Running pro team had a strong showing at the Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens race outside Seattle, Washington this weekend.

Finishing with one of the fastest runs of the day, Michellie Jones rounded out the podium in third place behind Becky Lavelle and Becky Lavelle and Heather Wurtele. Read a short recap here.

Dayton, OH resident Eric Limkemann had a great race finishing fouth place in a very strong men’s field.  This was Eric’s first Ironman 70.3 event – his future looks bright!


Monday Morning Race Hangover – Weekend Results

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Here’s the rundown on the Newton Pro Team weekend race results:

Stephen Hackett placed a solid 5th place in the unusually cool and wet Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon:

Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs – June 28, 2009
Results:  Top Five Men
1st Place- Paul Matthews  4:01.26
2nd Place – Leon Griffin  4:03.02
3rd Place – Simon Thompson  4:05.54
4th Place – Brandon Marsh  4:06.53
5th Place – Stephen Hackett  4:07.19
Story and full results are available here.

Michellie Jones continues to ride the speed train with a third place finish at IronGirl Atlanta:

IronGirl Atlanta – June 28, 2009
1st Place  – Mirinda Carfrae (AUS)  1:13:55
2nd Place – Pip Taylor (AUS)  1:14:56
3rd Place – Michellie Jones (AUS)  1:18:06
4th Place – Sam McGlone (CAN)  1:20:11
5th Place – Kate Major (AUS)  1:21:41
Complete results and story here.

Michael Simpson rounded out the weekend with another  Newton Running podium at the San Diego International Triathlon – finishing 3rd.

San Diego International Triathon – June 28, 2009
1st Place – Chris Foster  1:26.17
2nd Place – Luke Bell  1:26.44
3rd Place – Michael Simpson  1:29.21
4th Place – Clayton Fettel    1:31.14
5th Place – Nigel Cooper  1:31.52
Complete results here.

Good weekend of racing for the Newton pros. We’d love to hear your weekend results in the comments section!


Newton Athletes Rock at Weekend’s Ironman & 70.3 Races

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natascha-newton3It was a great weekend of  racing for our NEWTON RUNNING athletes.  The weekend started with the Ironman 70.3 California event in Oceanside.  Jozsef Major place a respectable 10th place in a very strong men’s field.  Next for Jozsef is Ironman China on April 19, 2009

On the other side of the globe the Ironman Australia event took place.  The race was touted as the Chrissie vs Michellie show-down, though unfortunately Michellie Jones did not start the event due to illness.  On the men’s side NEWTON sponsored athletes Pete Jacobs and Tim Berkel had incredible races placing 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Pete continues with his assault on the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 racing – proving he is one of the athletes to watch at any event.  Tim Berkel’s rounded out the podium – backing up his win at the Ironman Western Australia in December.

At the Ochsner Ironman 70.3 New Orleans the incredible Natascha Badmann began her comeback.  And what a start it was – Natascha blazed through the race and from the sounds of it, even surprised herself with a convincing win over a super-competitive field.  There is no doubt that Natascha is an athlete on a mission – and it is great to see her back at the top.   Another NEWTON sponsored athlete Jessica Jacobs placed 13th in the professional women’s category. Read the Triathlete Magazine full recap here.

The weekend finished off  with the Carlsbad 5000 – where Sylvia Mosqueda (representing Newton) won the women’s masters event in a time of 16:56.

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Michellie on a Streak

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With the Ironman World Championship in Kona just over a month away, Michellie Jones looks like she’s peaking. She just won the Santa Barbara Triathlon Long Course (1 mile swim , 34 mile cycle, 10 mile run) last weekend, setting a new course record. Michellie crossed the finish line in 3 hours 1 minute and 09 seconds, shaving 5 minutes off the previous course record she set in 2006, the same year she won the Ironman World Championships.

Read Michellie’s race report here.

The next stop for Michellie is the Ironman 70.3 in Cancun. Mmm….the beach sounds nice right about now. Got room in your suitcase for Sir Isaac, Michellie?