Newton Staffer Gets Wet on Colorado’s Clear Creek River

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Yesterday, Newton’s queen of customer service, Tory Oakland, celebrated her birthday with a little whitewater rafting trip on Colorado’s Clear Creek. Of course, Tory wore her Newton Distance race shoes – I mean, the mesh upper drains water really quickly and the four actuator lugs on the outsole would provide terrific impact reduction from rocks in the river if you and the rest of the crew just happened to get tossed out of boat.


Way to assume the whitewater float position and show off those fancy river shoes Tory (click photo to enlarge). Happy Birthday!


Just Another Day at the Newton Office

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Here at Newton Running, we like to perform rigorous product testing. Last week, we were testing the stickiness of the rubber on our shoe outsoles.

Anne and Rich testing the grip on Newton's outsoles

Newton VP Anne and money man Rich testing the grip on Newton's outsoles.

(Ok, not really. We had a team building day at the office that ended with a rappel off the top of our building in downtown Boulder, CO. I guess this is what happens when your product development director is also a world-champion adventure racer).

Ian setting the rig for Erica and ???

Ian setting the rig for Newton's international/legal pro Erica and Newton's president, Stephen.

Ian and Danny - Newton's product design mad scientists

Ian and Danny - Newton's product designers/mad scientists

Newton co-founder Jerry Lee and ???

Newton co-founder Jerry Lee and warehouse king, Hawk

??? and Erica

Danny and Customer Service Queen, Tory


Newton co-founder Jerry Lee Inducted into Business Hall of Fame

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The 2009 Boulder County Business Hall of Fame inductees. Jerry is front left. Photo Lewis Geyer/Times-Call

(The 2009 Boulder County Business Hall of Fame inductees. Jerry is front left. Photo: Lewis Geyer/Times-Call)

We’re incredibly proud of Newton’s co-founder and CEO, Jerry Lee, who was inducted into the Boulder County Business Hall of Fame yesterday. Over 400 people attended the event, which inducted seven new members who, “who exemplify business, cultural and philanthropic achievements that serve as the foundation of communities in the county.”

From the Boulder County Business Report:

Jerry Lee

For real estate developer/entrepreneur Jerry Lee, the first important fork in his road of life came when he chose take a job with W.W. Reynolds and move to Boulder from Illinois, leaving behind not only his parents, but 14 brothers and sisters as well.

“Our family is very close, so it was difficult,” he said.

Working as an accountant for the company, Lee took lessons in real estate development from his boss and mentor, William Reynolds, and was named company president in 1983. As a continuation of his partnership in real estate development with Reynolds, Lee created his own company, Lee Real Estate, in 2000.

In recent years, Lee took another road by assisting local entrepreneur Danny Abshire in designing and marketing a new athletic shoe. First marketed in 2007, the Newton is an ergonomic, lightweight running show that mimics barefoot running while providing greater cushioning on impact. The Newton is a culmination of Lee’s passion for running, which has led him to compete in 15 marathons.

Lee’s philanthropic work includes serving on numerous committees for the city of Boulder, including serving more than a decade on the Boulder Urban Renewal Board.

Today, Lee runs Lee Real Estate and serves as chief executive of Newton Running Company. He also continues to partner in real estate projects with Reynolds.

Lee lives in Boulder with his wife, Donna. The couple has two children.

“I believe in the old adage of treating people the way you want to be treated. It’s super important and has been a key to my career,” Lee said. “And in order to be successful, sometimes you have to find out the hard way that there are things you think you know – but you really don’t.”

Read more about the yesterday’s event on the Longmont Daily Times-Call website.


Newton Rocks at Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

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So, not only did Josh Cox pull off a major feat at the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Sunday in Tempe AZ, but several of Newton’s own kicked some butt too. Newton co-founder Danny Abshire and his partner in product development, Ian Adamson, both qualified for the Boston Marathon with their strong finish times in Tempe. Newton’s sales manager extraordinaire Robert Dennis and our indispensable vice president Anne Klein both ran the half marathon distance. They all reported seeing LOTS of Newtons in the race field, especially at the front of the pack :-)

Congrats to all!