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  • Team PC Looking to Round Out its Hood to Coast Team

    Team PC, which we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, is looking for one guy and one gal to help complete its "mixed" relay team for the world-famous Hood to Coast Relay! If you're looking to be a part of "The Mother of All Relays" this is a great way to do so while also helping to raise money for prostate cancer research.

    Hood to Coast is a SOLD OUT event so this is an amazing opportunity! Check out the link below!

    "Join ZERO's TeamPC at the 31st Annual OfficeMax Hood to Coast Relay"


  • Join Team PC at the SOLD OUT Vineman 70.3 Triathlon!

    You probably know that we here at Newton Running are big fans of supporting prostate cancer research. Well, while we're not really affiliated with Team PC, we think what they're doing is awesome and HUGELY important! To top it off Team PC has spots open for the SOLD OUT Vineman 70.3 Triathlon this coming July 15th! This is a super high-profile event and lots of triathletes consider it something of a pilgrimage to be able to race it.

    So, how do you get in? Here are the deets:

    Benefits for all Endurance Team Participants:

    • The minimum fundraising is $1000 which includes FREE entry into the event.
    • Supportive group of teammates
    • Your own personal fundraising website
    • The opportunity to make your fitness goals a reality in this great event
    • Travel reimbursement of $500 (for those who raise more than $4,000)
    • ZERO sponsored Pre-Race or Post-Race Lunch/Dinner for the fundraiser and a guest (to be chosen by participants) to be chosen by the participants.



    These are guaranteed slots into the event.  Contact info below for additional information.  It is truly for a great cause!


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