Newtons = Race Success

Hi Newton-

I wanted let you know that I’ve finished my triathlon season with great success and the Newtons were a big part of it! Highlights include winning my age group at Turtleman and for my first half-iron distance I finished sixth overall in 4:16:04. My half-marathon split was 1:28:46. I tried to use this time to get a corral 1 start for the Twin Cities Marathon, but they wouldn’t buy it. Oh well, that just means I’ll be passing more people to catch up to the corral 1 starters. l cannot say enough about how much I LOVE my Newtons!

I believe you said you were going to be at the expo at Ironman Wisconsin. I recall you saying that you have minimal staff at expos and that it can get crazy. Could you use some extra help? I love your product and would love to help others learn more about and experience Newtons. I’ll be arriving on Friday and I’m volunteering my kayaking services on Sunday. Other than that my schedule is free. Please let me know if I could be of assistance to you or one of your Newton colleagues.

Andy N.
Brooklyn Park, MN